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Difference Between Toyota Rav4 Limited and Rav4 Sport

Toyota Rav4 Limited vs Rav4 Sport

The Rav4 is Toyota’s offering in the crossover SUV segment, which mixes the roominess of an SUV with the handling of a car, among others. The Rav4 comes in a variety of models that include the Rav4 Limited and Rav4 Sport. The main difference between the Limited and the Sport is their position on the trim level. The Limited is considered to be a higher trim level than the Sport. But with a price difference of less than a thousand dollars, the actual differences are not really that significant.

The most notable additions to the Limited are the options that you can get in the Sport. The notable ones are the satellite radio, which lets you to listen to a lot more radio stations than the conventional radio that you get with the Sport; and the leather trim on the interior of the vehicle. Leather trims don’t really affect performance or comfort, but it adds a sense of elegance and a higher perceived value. If you like one of these features but do not like the Limited, you can just get the Sport and pay the premium for the feature.

On the outside, there is also little to discriminate the Sport from the Limited. Probably the biggest difference in the exteriors of the Sport and the Limited is the bigger wheels of the Sport. The difference may just be an inch but it makes the Sport have a taller stance as well as an increased turning radius. This is not something you can judge just by looking, so it’s best if you take both out for a test drive to see if you are comfortable with the turning radius of the Sport. Just something worth noting, the wheels of the two are not really compatible as the wheels of the Sport has 5 spokes while that of the Limited has 6.


  1. The Limited is a higher trim level than the Sport
  2. Satellite radio is optional on the Sport but comes as standard in the Limited
  3. Leather trim is optional on the Sport but comes as standard in the Limited
  4. The Sport has bigger wheels and wider turning radius than the Limited


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