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When you live in Australia, and plan to buy a new car, you may stumble upon a plethora of options. Unfortunately, if you ask people about what car brand or model to choose, their answers may become somewhat biased. It may be because of the competition between popular race track models that make some car manufacturers stand out. One of these is the Holden Company. Holden is actually a special division of GM, specifically operating in Australia. They manufactured many cars, and two of them are the Holden VZ and Holden VY Commodore series.

Foremost, the Holden VY is an auto introduced in Australia in September 2002. It is actually the 12th class in the Commodore series. It succeeded the VX model. Also, the VY series has lots of sub car models which include the Acclaim, Commodore Executive, S, and SS, among others. These specific car models either come as a 4-door sedan type or a 5-door wagon.

Also called the Chevrolet Lumina, the Holden VZ was released in August 2004 as the next successor (the 13th series) after the Holden VY. Unlike the VY, the VZ Commodore’s sub car models come as either a 4-door sedan or a 4-door station wagon only. Using the same layout and platform as its predecessor, the VZ also differs in its engines. Its V6 engine can only hold as much as 3.6 L, as opposed to the VY’s 3.8 L of the same engine version. The transmissions are also different. For the VY, there are three, namely: A 4 speed automatic, 5 speed manual, and lastly, a 6 speed manual. In the case of the VZ, its transmissions are the 4 speed automatic, 5 speed automatic and the 6 speed manual type.

In terms of car dimensions, most or all of the Commodore VZ models are somewhat shorter than the VY sub car classes, although their widths are practically the same. The VY, on the contrary, also appears taller, as its maximum height reaches 1,545 mm compared to VZ’s 1,527 mm.

Overall, the Holden Commodore VY and VZ differ in the following areas:

1. The VY is the earlier car series compared to the VZ, which was launched two years after.

2. The wagon models of the Commodore VY have 5 doors compared to the wagons of VZ, which only has 4 doors.

3. Talking about the V6 engine in either the VY or VZ, it is the latter that has a woeful fuel consumption and gas capacity.

4. The VY series seems taller and longer than the newer VZ series.

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  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Both VY and VZ use the same body structure, with minor detail differences. I can assure you VZ wagons still have 5 doors. Also the engine was a completely new OHC 3.6L V6 which replaced the earlier 3.8 L pushrod V6 from the VY. Also fuel (gas) capacity in both cas are the same (75 litres).

    • Yes Stephen is right with his reply…. But to add on the differences in regards to fuel consumption my wifes vyii gets a better consumption compared to my vz, both on the highway and about town. Also…. the vy 3.8 seems to be more responsive than my 3.6 even though the later has a reasonable amount of extra k/w’s.

  2. How many oxygen sensors does a vz ss run (5.7ltr)and does any other model fit the vz even a v 6 does it fit ??

  3. Just won’t to no if 2002 & 2004 VY COMMODORE SEDAN PART ARE THE SAME eg doors/ windscreen/rear window/ door window glass are they the same body CHEES STEPHEN

    • Just in case anyone was wondering the Rear Manual window mechanisms are the same VT thru to VY as i fitted a VT one into a VY S II wagon, i just drilled the rivets and threaded the holes and used small bolts.. you’re welcome no one did this for me i had to learn by trial but i am a firm believer that knowledge once learned should be shared Cheers.

  4. I am happy someone was smarter than who ever wrote the article lol. But dumb question. Are the head lights the same vy-vz. Crewman Ute sedan wagon. ??

  5. Will the engine from a vz fit in a vy

  6. VZ 4 door wagon ?

  7. hey mate I’m doing a challenge with a few mates who the biggest retard and I tried to prove a point with the difference and it came to the point of talking to the wagon with the vy having 5 and vz having 4 well they both have 4 and a boot and the boot counts a five according so thank you now i am number 1 for the biggest retard

  8. Are the bonnets the same for the vz and vy? I want to replace the bonnet on my 2004 VY Commodore sedan and wondering if one from a vz sedan will fit.

  9. Mines an 04 Berlina 3.8 v6 with 4 Drs and a boot. Seats fold down and lock. Front headlights don’t have park light droplit, and has spotlights in grill. Button on steering wheel, 4spd auto, power and traxn cntrl

  10. Mines an 04 Berlina 3.8 v6 with 4 Drs and a boot. Seats fold down and lock. Front headlights don’t have park light droplit, and has spotlights in bumper grill. Button on steering wheel, 4spd auto, power and traxn cntrl

  11. I’ve changed my vz doors and put on my vy and vise verser why now can I unlock the doors from the by that are on the vz with with central locking from the original key of the vz but the doors I put on the vy from vz I can only unlock with the vz key any ideas pls

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