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Difference Between Honda CRV LX and EX

honda-crvHonda CRV LX vs EX

The Honda CRV is a very popular sports utility vehicle that has sold a lot of units due to its excellent trade-off between size and capacity. The LX and EX are two sub models of the CRV that people can choose from, each with its own features and price tag. When it comes to the important parts like the engine, transmission, and the general form and size, both cars are exactly identical. The EX model has a few extras that is not really essential to the car but adds a value and comfort.

The EX has a one-touch power moonroof that can tilt depending on the user’s preference. It is also equipped with a rear privacy glass. This two are the most noticeable differences from the outside. On the inside, there are a lot more features that are present in the EX and absent in the LX model. The EX model is equipped with a security system that alerts the people around when someone tries to gain entry to the car. The EX is also equipped with a 6 speaker sound system with a 6 CD disc changer. The sound system on the LX only has a standard player with 4 speakers. The dashboard of the EX CRV has extra instruments like the exterior temperature indicator and the compass, which very few people actually uses or knows how to use. Another difference is in the windshield wipers. The one installed on the LX is a two speed wiper while the EX is equipped with a variable speed wiper.

When it comes to the bottom-line, the differences are really very minor. The LX model can suffice in any role that the EX can perform and the lower price makes it easier for those on a budget. But for those who can afford and want something extra, the EX provides a little bit more for a price.

1. The CRV LX and EX are two versions of the same vehicle
2. The EX is the pricier model and is equipped with more features
3. The EX has a power moonroof while the LX does not
4. The EX is equipped with a rear privacy glass
5. The EX has a security system while the LX does not
6. The EX has a better sound system compared to the LX
7. The EX has a variable speed windshield wiper while the LX has a two speed
8. The EX instrumentation has a little extra compared to the LX

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  1. I am actual doing some research about the CR-V for purchase. Another difference between the EX and LX are the wheels.

    EX wheels are made of an aluminium alloy. Expensive. Lighter. Better handling and more fuel efficient. Dissipates heat better. Not as flexible as steel.

    LX wheels are made of steel. Inexpensive. Heavier. Prone to blow outs due to poor heat dissipation. Flexible.

    There is more stuff on the web about this.

    • Could you tell me where you found this info. I am looking at the LX for my son at college but if the wheels are prone to blow outs, I’m a little nervous about that cause he is not local, but I don’t want the sun roof on the EX.

  2. You can tell this is going to be a carefully-written and helpful article when the first sentence refers to a “trade-off between size and capacity.”

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