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Difference Between Cabernet and Merlot

Cabernet vs. Merlot

For knowledgeable wine drinkers there is probably a large difference between Cabernet and Merlot. However, for those who do not know about wine there may seem to be no difference between the two types of wine. Both are made from grapes that are grown in various areas of the world, though primarily in France.They actually originated from the same stain of wines, and both are hybrids that have become popular. The flavors of both are said to be very similar, however there are clear differences in the scent and the herbal components that create the two wines. There are many differences and most people develop a preference for the taste of one over the other.

Cabernet is a wine that as the name depicts is ‘wild’ or coming from grapes that grow freely. Anywhere that wine is made, the red wine grapes that create Cabernet can be found. These grapes are grown widely due to their frost resistant vines and grapes with thicker than average skin. These grapes are picked when ripe, which is usually in the middle to late picking season. Ideal climates are warm climates with soil that is not overly fertilized or wet. Cabernet has gained in popularity since its incorporation across the world, so much so that it has replaced wine that was once called burgundy. The aromas and flavors that are emitted from the grapes used to make Cabernet are said to smell like black cherry, with an herbal form of bell peppers, and ginger and pimento spices.

Merlot is the most popular wine across the world. It is made from red wine grapes that thrive in soil that is clay-like. Merlot is known to mature at least a week ahead of other wines, including the sister wine Cabernet. The outer skin of the grapes used for Merlot is thin and not very tough, nor is the grape vine itself. Farmers must consistently worry about these grapes freezing if springtime wields colder than normal temperatures for the area. In flavor, the Merlot wines are commonly confused with Cabernet wine as the components of the flavors are similar. The flavor and aromas involved are also bell pepper and black cherry like the Cabernet, however Merlot also has hints of rose, caramel, and green peppercorns. Merlot also matures after it is bottled much quicker than other wines, therefore it is most used for wine drinkers rather than those who are wine collectors.
Both wines are commonly found across the world and are considered some of the best luxuries that nature has to offer.

1. Cabernet and Merlot are both made from red grapes. The grapes that are used to make Cabernet are much more resilient to weather conditions than the grapes of Merlot wines.
2. As Cabernet and Merlot are both stemmed from the same wines, they are considered sister wines.
3. The taste of both Merlot and Cabernet are very similar. Both contain almost the same herbs and flavors when they are created. Merlot has rose, caramel, and green peppercorns that Cabernet does not.

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