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  1. Christine Michels
    August 23, 2014

    This article hit upon many points but did not consider why a cook would want to use one or the other form of noodle. This was the information I was looking for and did not find here.


    • Amna
      March 30, 2016

      Right. But I think of the matter from a nutritional and ‘meal’ point of view. Pasta is just an attractive, molded twist on a real staple (i.e. wheat), making it easier to just boil and serve cooked with some sauces and spices, veggies, meats and/or cheese in some form.

      It’s a vehicle much like pizza dough, one that definitely calls for something to embellish it with without which it’d much lack in flavor, nutritional value and wouldn’t really fill someone up anyway.

      With pasta out of the way, add egg and perhaps milk to the mix of wet pasta dough and you have gotten egg noodles. Personally though I think this is a very specialized portion of a meal and has some value of its own due to the extra protein (egg) mixed in to start with. These could very well be shaped in the form of spaghetti or other ‘flat’ shapes and serve as vehicles for other toppings, like veggie stir fry and maybe even oriental dishes like mongolian beef or such. But things that are either sides or main dishes like chicken lo mein/chow mein can do very well with egg noodles in place of pasta.

      Just my two cents’ worth. The rest is preference, really. 😉


      • Sue
        March 24, 2020

        I also was also looking for more on this – My chicken soup recipe calls for “eggless noodles. There must be a reason why. Would it have to do with texture/composition? Do eggless noodles hold up better in the chicken broth? Thank you.


  2. calico
    September 2, 2015

    i thought pasta originated in italy…


  3. Brittany Buckland
    February 19, 2020

    I love egg noodles. I never have seen them as actual pasta because the making of the material isn’t like spaghetti or anything like that dough at all… I use it with butter and homemade chicken broth. It helps when you are sick and its a good substitute for people with Celtic disease


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