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Very few countries in the world use more sweetened products per year. However, all that sugar consumption comes with a price. Americans have one of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes of any nation in the world. Therefore, many Americans are looking for ways to keep sweetness in their lives while getting rid of excess sugar and calories. Many have turned to artificial sweeteners such as Equal and Splenda. Choosing between the two is a matter of taste.

Contents of Equal and Splenda
Equal ‘“ derives its sweetness mainly from the aspartame, but it also uses dextrose and maltodextrin. Aspartame is two hundred times sweeter than sugar when compared gram for gram. At the same time, it has a negligible caloric content.
Splenda ‘“ is based on sucralose, one of the chemical components of sugar. However, sucralose on its own contains about three calories per gram and therefore is also marketed as a no calorie sweetener.

Uses of Equal and Splenda
Equal ‘“ is most often used to sweeten beverages such as coffee, tea, lemonade, and even diet sodas. It does not come in a granular form like sugar and will often become bitter is exposed to the high heat of baking. While you can buy it in bulk, packets, such as those found on restaurant tables, are more commonly seen.
Splenda ‘“ is also used as a beverage sweetener. However, is can also be made granular with the addition of maltodextrin and dextrose and will then pour cup for cup like sugar. It is often used in a 3:1 mixture for baking and most people claim that they can’t tell the difference.

Controversies of Equal and Splenda
Equal ‘“ has met with resistance since its approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 1974. People were worried that it could cause cancer. However, numerous studies have shown that if taken in small quantities (in a cup of coffee, for instance) the amount of aspartame ingested is not harmful. It is now approved as an artificial sweetener by over ninety countries worldwide.
Splenda ‘“ has also raised concerns about its safety, namely because a small portion of its sucralose in indigestible. However, if taken in reasonable quantities studies have shown that it does no harm. Most controversy has risen over Splenda’s advertising, namely by its rival, Equal. As Splenda’s profits soared to over four times that of Equal’s, Equal raised a lawsuit about Splenda’s use of the word sugar in its advertising. An out of court settlement was eventually reached.

1.Splenda and Equal are both artificial sweeteners with negligible calorie counts.
2.Splenda is made from sucralose, a naturally occurring saccharine, whereas Equal gets its sweetness from aspartame.
3.Splenda and Equal are both used to sweeten hot beverages, but Splenda can also be used for baking.
4.Splenda and Equal have both faced controversies about the safety of their product, but Splenda has also had to battle lawsuits from Equal over the veracity of its advertising.

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