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Difference Between Diet Soda and Regular Soda

Diet Soda vs Regular Soda

As part of their evolving marketing strategies, and to meet the continued demand for healthier foods and beverages, soda companies have made numerous variants of their soda drinks to cater to the needs and unique preferences of their consumers. The result is a long line of soda types like: regular, diet, fit, zero, max, and many more. But among these, the two most debated soda types are probably the regular and diet sodas.

Diet soda is simply the same as its regular counterpart but uses a different type of sweetener in the ingredients. In regular soda drinks, the beverage is sweetened using ordinary natural sugar (i.e. corn syrup which is high in fructose). But in the case of diet sodas, this ingredient has been omitted from the mix and replaced by another type of artificial sweetener commonly aspartame. Other sodas use different types of sweeteners like Splenda and acesulfame potassium giving the drink fewer calories.

Moreover, drinking diet sodas is said to give no significant insulin spikes making it a preferred drink for most diabetics. However, many studies today contest that the addition of aspartame does not make the drink any healthier than regular soda and does not give a good guarantee for losing weight.

Ordinary sugar in regular sodas is one of the primary reasons why consumers love drinking them. They give the drink better taste and more flavor. But because of the ongoing concern for a drink that gives fewer calories, many consumers began switching to diet soda as soon as the fad already kicked in. However, it has been observed that drinking diet sodas made people drink more as drinking one bottle or can of diet soda feels like you’re drinking nothing as compared to drinking one serving of regular soda. The result – diet soda drinkers are said to be 54 per cent more susceptible to obesity than regular soda drinkers.


1.Regular soda was developed first followed by its many variations which include diet sodas.
2.Regular soda has about 128 calories per serving while diet sodas have less.
3.Regular soda is more fulfilling and satisfying in terms of taste because many say that diet sodas are bland.
4.Diet soda uses artificial sugars like aspartame as one of its ingredients unlike regular sodas that use corn syrup.
5.Diet soda is preferred by many diabetics because drinking it does not cause a spike in their insulin levels unlike the case in regular sodas.
6.Although still being argued, diet soda is unhealthier than regular soda because of its artificial food additives.

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