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Difference Between White Sugar and Brown Sugar

sugarWhite Sugar vs Brown Sugar
We often use white sugar and brown sugar at home. Depending on the dish or recipe, we choose the sugar for the purpose. But we may not be aware of the health benefits and ingredients of the two varieties.

White sugar, the granulated one is pure sucrose. It is made from tropical sugar cane and temperate sugar beets. The crystal sizes of the sugar can vary based on the processing levels. The processing level determines the white color of the sugar. Brown sugar can be of two different types ‘“ free flowing and sticky. It is made by adding syrup to sugar. The final color of the sugar depends on the ratio of the syrup being added to the original sugar.

The sugar being used for daily home purposes are the white refined sugar. It is available as free flowing, granulated, cubes, and even in tablet forms. The very fine textured sugar, known as Castor sugar, dissolved instantly and is the perfect choice for the preparation of sweetening cold liquids. The brown sugar has a soft texture owing to the molasses addition. Brown sugar is available as light and dark varieties. The dark variety has an intense molasses flavour while the lighter variety has a more delicate flavour. Brown sugar is sold mostly in plastic bags as it helps retain the moisture to keep it soft. Brown sugar is moister than white sugar. If left exposed to air, it will dry out and harden quickly. As brown sugar is unrefined it has more amounts of minerals.

The number of calories in brown sugar is more than that in white sugar. The percentage of calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, and sodium in brown sugar is very high compared to the percentage in white sugar.

Another major difference between the two varieties of sugar is in the taste it gives to the baked foods. Using brown sugar in the recipes, give them a moist texture and richer flavor. You can use white sugar for simple baked foods and sweetening your tea and coffee.

You can substitute white sugar with either honey or corn syrup. For certain recipes, you can replace brown sugar with white sugar also. While doing so, if you add some molasses, the moistness and rich flavor will not be lost.

1.White sugar is made from the sugarcane beets and brown sugar is made by adding syrup to the white sugar. This syrup changes the color of the sugar.
2.For some recipes you can use the sugars interchangeably though the moistness and rich flavour might be lost.
3.It is necessary to keep brown sugar well packed as it becomes dry and hard soon. White sugar doesn’t become dry that soon.

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  1. Good info, except- brown sugar is definitely refined. But every sugar that looks brown is not considered “brown sugar.”

  2. do you like both …?????

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  4. How come white sugar is white?
    I heard the prepare it with a bleaching gas =P

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