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Difference Between Grilled Chicken and Sizzler Chicken

grilled_chickenGrilled Chicken vs Sizzler Chicken

Grilled chicken is prepared on a barbeque stove, or on just an ordinary grill over coal. There is no oil needed, as it is only marinated with a few spices, and placed over the stove. Sizzler chicken, however, is prepared in an oiled pan. Something about grilled chicken is, that most of the flavors are well brought out, since it is not burnt in a pan.

You need very few ingredients to prepare a grilled chicken. Of course, the main ingredient is the chicken itself, and you can use either chicken cutlets that are thinly sliced, or skinless chicken breast with the bones removed. First you will need to marinade the chicken by placing it in a container, preferably one that has a lid to cover it, and then add marinade of your choice. Place the lid tightly over the container and store it in the refrigerator for a few hours. This process alows the chicken to become tender, and absorb the marinade. You could let the chicken marinade for a few hours, or even over night, for the best results before removing it.

When you finally get the chicken from the refrigerator, you should allow it to return to room temperature before placing it on the grill. You can now grill the chicken on a barbeque stove or grill pan. Either way, grill the chicken on either side until crispy brown. Since the chicken is thinly cut, it will cook fairly quickly. What you don’t want to do, is to fry it using fat, because grilling will maintain the healthy preparation of the chicken. When the chicken is as crispy as you would like it, serve with steamed vegetables or salad, depending on personal preference.

For chicken sizzler, you will need more ingredients than grilled chicken. Basically, you will need the boneless chicken breasts, ginger and garlic pastes, some finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, chilies, pepper, salt and vinegar. You also need iron plates, and of course, oil.

Start off by flattening the chicken breasts by beating them with a pallet. Put the chicken in a container, and add all the ingredients except the oil. Mix the ingredients with the chicken, and leave to marinate for a few hours (two or three). You will then place the chicken in a heated pan, smeared with oil, and use high heat to cook. You need to keep turning the chicken so that it doesn’t burn on one side. As it begins to turn brown, lower the heat and continue to cook until it’s tender.

Get the sizzler plate ready, by heating it, and place it on wooden tray with smeared butter on the iron plate. Then put the chicken on the iron plate and serve (it will make a sizzling sound because of the butter).

Grilled chicken is cooked over an open fire, while sizzler chicken is cooked in a frying pan.
Grilled chicken requires only marinating, while sizzler chicken requires many ingredients.
Grilled chicken is healthier than sizzler chicken, since no oil is used to cook grilled chicken.
Grilled chicken is not necessarily served on an iron plate, while sizzler chicken is served on a sizzler plate.

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