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  1. new york
    April 22, 2010

    the chinese food you are speaking of is mostly from take out restaurants, which of course adds more MSG and spices to encourage foreigners to enjoy the heavy flavor. of course, in a home setting, chinese food is much more healthier. for example, there is no traditional “orange chicken” at home as there is in a chinese restaurant.


  2. AiNoUta
    March 31, 2015

    Note: I’m Chinese

    Me: Where is orange chicken from?
    My dad: …Korea


    • jic
      March 29, 2018

      i am chinese


  3. ATL
    October 20, 2015

    Who wrote this inaccurate article?

    >Conversely, the Japanese typically use their flat pans called teppans to cook food items at high temperatures.

    I am from Japan.
    We typically use frying pans and pots to cook, not teppans.
    Teppans are not everyday cooking device, which are used for teppanyaki.


  4. Lee
    June 19, 2016

    Obviously u never eat in a mid range price chinese and japanese restaurant before.


  5. jic
    March 29, 2018

    hi i am chinise


  6. Tiffany Cheng
    June 9, 2019

    Chinese food is healthier than everybody loves to think

    Cantonese food and Chaozhou/Teochew food are the living proves that Chinese food is healthy.

    Cantonese food is light and healthy because Cantonese cooking puts a lot focus on maintaining freshness of the ingredients and showcasing refinement in cooking. So, little oil, fresh food ingredients, and light seasonings are used for cooking Cantonese food.

    Chaozhou/Teochew food is light, clean, and healthy because Chaozhou/Teochew cooking puts high focus on maintaining freshness of the ingredients and maintaining cleanness of the food ingredients. So, little oil, little seasonings, and fresh food ingredients are used for cooking Chaozhou/Teochew food. Chaozhou/Teochew food is a Chinese food originated from Chaozhou/Teochew region of China. Chaozhou/Teochew region of China is located at the eastern part of Guangdong near to Fujian region of China. The capital city of Chaozhou/Teochew region of China is Shantou.

    As well, Chinese food includes a lot vegetables dishes, tofu dishes, fish dishes, and seafood dishes more than everybody thinks. Cantonese food and Chaozhou/Teochew food especially feature a lot vegetables dishes, tofu dishes, fish dishes, and seafood dishes. The Chinese on average consume a lot vegetables more than everybody expects, especially Cantonese people and Chaozhou/Teochew people who consume the most vegetables on average.

    Stir frying is healthier than everybody thinks too. Stir frying vegetables is the way too cook vegetables in order to retain the nutrients and vitamins of the vegetables, the Chinese have been knowing how to stir fry their vegetables properly to retain the nutrients and the vitamins of the vegetables since long time ago. Stir fried vegetables are never oily. Stir frying meat is also healthy because stir fried meat dishes often contain vegetables inside, the meats are cut into small pieces before stir frying, and also not oily at all.

    Chinese food consists a lot steamed, boiled, braised, stir fried, and pan fried which are healthy.


  7. Anas
    August 7, 2019



  8. Ken Nakatomi
    October 15, 2019

    What is the full name of Julita?


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