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Naan vs Roti

Naan and roti are two varieties of traditional Indian flat breads. They differ in a few aspects but both are a part of a staple Indian diet.
Roti, often called chapatti, is the basic food for an Indian. It can be eaten three times daily. For breakfast it may be served with vegetables, at lunch with dal or pulses, and at dinner along with again vegetables.
Naan form a fairly fancy food. Naan is much heavier and filling. It can be taken only at one meal in a day.

Method of preparation


Take one cup of whole grain wheat flour. Adding water slowly and steadily, make a soft dough out of it.
Keep the dough aside for five minutes. This time is given so that the dough takes its form. During this time, pre-heat a “tava” or skillet. The next step is to separate out the dough into four parts. Take one part in the palm of your hand and roll it. Using a rolling pin, flatten it so as to make it almost translucent flat bread.
Now place it on the skillet. Cook on both sides until light brown dots appear. The next step is to remove it from the skillet and put directly on the flame. Cook quickly on both sides and the chapatti is ready.
Repeat the process with the rest of the dough.


Take two cups of refined flour (maida) or pastry flour. Add one-fourth teaspoon of yeast. Now add half a cup of curd and knead it into a soft dough. A small amount water may be added if required.
Keep aside for an hour or two covered with a lid. This time is given for the leavening of the dough.
When dough has sufficiently risen, divide it into two. Take one part and flatten to make a thick pizza-like bread.
Now place it into the “tandoor.” When both sides are cooked, remove it from the “tandoor” and brush with butter on one side.
Naan can be stuffed with variations. It may also be seasoned with cumin, garlic, chilis, etc.

Basically both types of bread are homemade and served hot, but the method of preparation of dough is different. The main differences can be described as:

1.Roti is a staple diet whereas naan can be used only in a single meal of the day.
2.Rotis are light and more nutritious; naan comprises a heavy food and takes time to digest.
3.Rotis are made out of whole wheat flour; naan is made out of refined flour.
4.Roti is made out of plain flour whereas Naan is made out of leavened dough.
5.Roti is easier to make. Naan is more time consuming and difficult. They are also tastier and flaky.
6.Many variations of naan like: stuffed, flavoured, buttered, and baby are present. Roti does not have any variations.
7.Roti is low in calories; naan is high in calories.
8.Naan can be made in various shapes and sizes. Roti is always circular.

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