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Difference Between Naan and Kulcha

India is well known for its deep-rooted culture, which also includes traditional delicacies, mainly spices. However, several other types of food are predominantly common in India, such as naan and Kulcha. Both are common in Indian traditional festivals and occasions, but are also available worldwide. Despite the fact that they may look similar and may be hard to differentiate between the two, they are different in terms of the ingredients used and also the cooking process. 


What is Naan?

This is a flatbread that is either cooked on charcoal based clay earthenware, commonly referred to as tandoor or an oven. It originated from India, and is made with leavened wheat flour with either milk and yoghurt and yeast. The cooking process involves first mixing the leavened agents and salt, then kneading to make dough. The dough is then cut into small balls which are then fed into the oven. It may be seasoned using nigella seeds. 


What is Kulcha?

This is a flatbread made with maida, which is popular in India. In the making of kulcha, spices and mashed potatoes are mixed with the dough, after which balls are made and put in the oven or the tandoor. Kulcha is leavened with baking powder as opposed to yeast. 


Similarities between Naan and Kulcha

  • Both are flatbreads with an origin of India
  • Both are baked either in an oven or in the tandoor


Differences between Naan and Kulcha

  1. Ingredients

While naan maybe either stuffed or plain, kulcha is made by mixing dough with mashed potatoes. 

  1. Leavening agent

Naan is leavened with yeast. On the other hand, kulcha is leavened with baking powder. 

  1. Base flour

While naan is made with wheat flour, kulcha is made using maida. 

Naan vs. Kulcha: Comparison Table


Summary of Naan vs. Kulcha

Both naan and kulcha are delicacies enjoyed in the whole world. The difference between the two is seen in the ingredients such as mashed potatoes, spices, and the leavening agent. In case you have never tried out either of them, you definitely should. 


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  1. Maida is the same as all purpose flour.

  2. Kulcha is aldo stuffed with potato.not mixed with flour and naan is also made with maida or flour

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