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Orzo vs Risotto

Barley and rice are both cereal grains that are used as staple foods by most people. Both can be processed into alcoholic beverages like beer and wine, but barley is mostly used as bread and in soups and stews while rice is often prepared by steaming, and it is eaten with fish, meat, and vegetables.

There are many varieties of rice like the Indian Basmati and Patna rice, Thai Jasmine rice, Japanese Mochi rice, Indonesian Rajalele and Temanggung black rice, Philippine Ifugao and Malagkit rice, U.S. Popcorn and Wehani rice, Italian Arborio and Carnaroli rice which are used in the making of risotto.
Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish and is the most common way of cooking Italian rice. It is cooked in meat, fish, or vegetable broth and added with cheese, butter, wine, garlic, and onion. It is usually served as a first dish before the main course.

This is how risotto is prepared: First onion or garlic is sautéed in butter or olive oil then rice is added so that the grains are coated in the soffritto. Red or white wine is then added and the broth is slowly added while constantly stirring. It is then removed from the heat, and cheese and diced butter are added to make it creamy and smooth. It is best served while still hot and cooking in its own heat. There are various ways to cook risotto, and it is even cooked by using other grains such as barley.

Barley risotto is made with orzo which is the Italian word for barley. It is a form of pasta made of barley and shaped like a large grain of rice. It is often referred to as Italian rice but is also used in Greek and Turkish dishes. It is used in soups or baked as a casserole and prepared as a salad tossed with olives, tomatoes, and other fresh vegetables. It is used in Greek pilaf which is rice cooked in seasoned broth very much like the Italian risotto.
Orzo can absorb flavors well and is used in making stuffed peppers or squash, but it is more popularly used in soups and sauces. Orzo can be found in several flavors and colors usually made with barley mixed with vegetables such as carrots, spinach, and beets.


1.Risotto is an Italian dish which is made of rice cooked in meat, fish, or vegetable broth while orzo is a kind of pasta made with barley which is shaped like large grains of rice and is used as a substitute for rice in making Risotto.
2.Risotto is a traditional Italian dish while orzo can be found in dishes from several countries like Greece and Turkey.
3.Risotto is a casserole dish while orzo is best used in soups although it can also be made into a casserole and salads.
4.Orzo is made in several different flavors such as spinach, squash, and carrots and comes in different colors while risotto is made with plain rice.

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  1. This is not correct.

    Orzo is an Italian word that means barley. So orzo is just pearl barley.
    It is NOT a form of pasta made of barley and shaped like a large grain of rice.

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