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Difference Between Rice Milk and Soy Milk

Rice Milk vs Soy Milk

The difference between rice milk and soy milk is that rice milk is made from rice whereas soy milk is made from soybeans. For the preparation of rice milk, generally, brown rice and rice flour are used to make rice milk whereas soybeans are used to make soy milk. Soy milk and rice milk can be produced at home or commercially manufactured by many famous food manufacturers and brands around the world.

Rice milk is commonly not sweetened whereas soy milk is flavored with chocolate or essences such as vanilla essence. Soy milk and rice milk can be obtained from the market in uncontaminated and sanitized cartons or tins. Manufacturers of these products use artificial flavors, stabilizers and other nutritional ingredients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals for the consumers.

Rice milk is prepared with the help of a special pressing process in which the rice goes through a mill stream. With the result of diffusing, milk is strained out of the pressed grains. In order to make soy milk the soybeans are soaked in water and then ground to fine paste. This mixture is strained out and called soy milk. Rice milk can also be obtained by boiling, blending and straining of rice at home.

Both of the soy and rice milk have distinct nutritional values such as soy milk has high quality proteins, B-vitamins, isoflavones and are lactose free. If we compare soy milk to the traditional dairy milk, soy milk with added proteins improves the health. Soy milk contains phosphorous, riboflavin, vitamin A, saturated fat and fatty acids. It is cholesterol free and prevents prostate cancer. Rice milk is also used by those people who follow strictly vegetarian diets and it is used as a substitute for dairy milk. It contains carbohydrates and fortified with B vitamins, calcium, minerals and iron. It is also lactose and cholesterol free.

Many people are found to have lactose intolerance or the inability of digesting milk. Lactose intolerance can cause cramps, gas, vomiting, headaches, asthma and rashes whereas milk allergies can produce gastric problems, skin problems and nasal obstruction. Soy milk is notably more processed and more nutritious than other milk options. Some people who have milk allergy might want to change to milk alternatives. Rice milk and soy milk are consumed as the alternatives to dairy milk products.
Rice milk and soy milk have lower amount of fat and cholesterol compared to dairy milk.
Strict vegetarians or people simply having the urge to change their taste use the alternative milk types.
Soy is very helpful in cancer prevention whereas rice milk is the main source of acquiring carbohydrates for the body.
Calcium deficiency and bone weakness can be cured by rice and soy milk.
Rice milk and soy milk are fortified by calcium, minerals and vitamins to be more nutritious for those who have lactose and milk allergies.

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