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Difference Between Seltzer and Club Soda

Seltzer vs Club Soda

There are many types of fizzy (carbonated) water sold nowadays, and they are named in many ways. One way of naming is through product branding like how Pepsi and Coke products came to be. Another way is through general naming. In this regard, root beers and ginger ale often come into mind. The last way of naming is by virtue of their regional nicknames like: tonic water, soda water, carbonated water, mineral water, sparkling water, seltzer, and club soda.

Among all of these regional carbonated drinks, tonic water probably is the most differentiated from the group because of its unique characteristics attributed to the addition of quinine. However, the last two (seltzer and club soda) are often confused with each other because of their very close properties. As such, both can be used loosely to pertain to one and the same thing. Still, these two, fizzy drinks have some important differences that shouldn’t be disregarded no matter how subtle they are.

Carbonated drinks are just water plus carbon dioxide. In the case of club soda, it tastes a little saltier than seltzer because it is said to contain a certain amount of sodium (usually 75 mg. in a 12 oz. serving). It undergoes the process of carbonation which injects carbon into the water. Thus, club soda is artificially effervescent water. Club soda adds some flavor into the mix. If you check its product label, you often notice the inclusion of other minerals like potassium sulfate and potassium bicarbonate which are said to ease the natural effervescence burn making club soda milder than most fizzy drinks.

Seltzer, by contrast, is regarded as the more naturally effervescent carbonated water because it is similar to most natural waters drawn from artesian wells that pass through mineral layers. There are also some who say that artificial seltzers are already sold today. Nevertheless, the most common seltzers are those that are naturally carbonated. Moreover, seltzer is flavorless fizz that is the same as club soda but without the addition of extra salt or potassium minerals. Its name is derived from Selters, a town in Germany, that is popular for its enticing natural springs.

Seltzer entered the American market to position itself as an alternate option to buying the pricier mineral waters that were often imported from abroad. It was originally packaged in a glass container having a metallic top seal. Today, modern packaging made seltzer in plastic soda containers. Because of their unique properties and tastes, both club soda and seltzer are used as mixers in many kinds of highball drinks.


1.Seltzer is generally known as a naturally effervescent, carbonated drink
2.Club soda is an artificially prepared carbonated drink (the addition of high pressure CO2).
3.Seltzer is a flavorless type of water.
4.Club soda is a little saltier than seltzer.

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