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Difference Between Soda Water and Seltzer Water

Soda Water vs Seltzer Water

Soda water, also known as club soda, and seltzer water are both carbonated drinks that are pressurized and bottled in order to produce distinctive bubbles when opened. Many soda pop flavors are made by combining soda water with flavors.

Seltzer water, on the other hand, was named after the German town of Selters which was renowned for it mineral springs. It is flavorless and while most of the seltzer being consumed today is made artificially, they may also be naturally carbonated.

Seltzer water is thought to be medicinal and help alleviate digestive problems and settle the stomach. It can even help make people feel better after a large meal. Seltzer water and soda water are both consumed plain or in combination with other drinks to produce cocktails.

The most distinctive difference between soda water and seltzer water is in their ingredients. While they are both made in the same process of carbonation, soda water is made by adding sodium or mineral salt into the water for added flavor. Thus, its name was derived from the sodium that is added to it.

While other carbonated beverages like soft drinks can cause dental erosion and loss of bone density, soda water and seltzer water are as harmless as regular water. In fact, they may even be more beneficial because of their help in easing signs of indigestion and constipation.

The higher level of sodium in soda water can also help reduce cholesterol levels and cardiovascular problems of women in their postmenopausal stage.


1. Seltzer water is a carbonated drink that can either be artificially made or naturally carbonated while soda water is a carbonated drink that is artificially made.
2. Seltzer water is flavorless while soda water is not.
3. Soda water is made by adding sodium or mineral salt to the carbonated water while seltzer water does not have any other additional ingredient.

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