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Difference Between Sweet Paprika and Paprika

paprika-pdSweet Paprika vs Paprika

Fond of spices? Well, you must know a thing or two about Paprika. When different classes of Capsicum annuun pepper pods are grounded, Paprika is the product formed. This spice is very popular in many locations throughout the world. No wonder it is ranked as the fourth most used spice on the planet. As a spicing ingredient, Paprika is added in certain dishes to bring out some flavor and color. Because of the variety of pepper used to make the powder, its resulting color and taste also varies. Some paprika are red colored while others appear brown. Also, there are mild sweet powders as opposed to the spicy variations of paprika. These qualities give the dishes different tastes and aroma. Nevertheless, two powders often come face to face each other. These are the sweet paprika and the regular paprika.

Otherwise known as plain paprika or simply paprika, this powder is often made neither hot nor sweet. Often, it is even characterized as having a fairly bland taste. Because of this, plain paprika is perfect for instant garnishes most especially when color is desired like in the preparation of deviled eggs. Paprika comes from many regions across the globe from California, South America, and Hungary among others. Aside from the main ingredient (pepper), cayenne is sometimes added to make these paprika powders.

In America however, the labeled sweet paprika variation is often the same exact edesnemes variation imported from Hungary. This is a noble sweet spice, lightly pungent and bears a bright red color. If this is the origin of your country’s sweet paprika then it will also exhibit a sort of zesty flavor.

It is also important to take note that there are other paprika variations that vary in sweetness. Feledes is one form that is said to be semi-sweet and mid pungent. Actually, this is only the second variation out of the eight popular paprika forms marketed in Hungary. This is not something to be surprised of since the powder is considered to be the country’s national spice.

1. Plain or regular paprika tastes bland whereas sweet paprika is obviously a lot sweeter.

2. Plain paprika is a lot easier to locate, shop and look for. You can readily find the item in most markets whereas the sweeter paprika blend is often sold at specialty gourmet markets only. Although, there are also many occasions wherein the spice is also sold at the ordinary marketplace.

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  1. This is not helpful. What’s in sweet paprika that makes it sweeter? Can it be used to replace regular paprika? It’s also poorly written.

    • If you don’t understand what he’s saying, you probably don’t belong in a kitchen. He’s trying to say that there are multiple varieties of pepper that are used. Think of the different bell peppers here, and now think of the flavours while also imagining that they are all the same color! Poof! Those are the differences. You don’t add anything. They are different peppers. Yes they’re hard to find. You have the internet. Order it snail mail.

      • Oh my! Aren’t you a rude SOB! If you don’t really understand what she was looking for – well then you’re too ignorant to be replying.

        My guess is that she really wanted to know – “can one be substituted for the other?” And the short answer is – No, not without changing the flavor of the dish. However, since the question was asked in 2012, this answer in 2018 is really quite moot.

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