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Difference Between White Tea and Green Tea

White Tea vs Green Tea

Most people are unaware that White Tea and Green Tea are produced from the same bush. The tea plant is called Camellia Sinensis and can be found cultivated throughout large parts of Asia. The core difference between the two teas is mostly noted through their harvest time.

White tea leaves are picked from the tea plants at a much earlier time in relation to their maturity.  The small immature buds are harvested during the spring and can only be harvested once a year. The name of white tea originates from the small white hairs that cover the tiny tea buds. Green tea is harvested from the upper leaves and can be produced for most of the year. After the tea leaves are harvested, both types of tea require limited amounts of processing. Green tea leaves undergo a partial fermentation phase before they are ready to use. The early white tea buds require no fermentation what so ever.

Due to a sudden interest from the western world; green tea has become an immensely popular drink. Recent medical research has shown that the high levels of antioxidants contained in green tea are particularly beneficial to our health. We now enjoy consuming Green Tea as part of our health conscious diet. Many people prefer the lighter taste of white tea. Green tea can have a slight earthy undertone in its flavour; where as white tea possesses a cleaner taste that is much sweeter to the pallet.

Green and White tea provide high levels of antioxidants; medical research has shown that white tea provides our bodies with three times the level that is provided from a cup of green tea. The higher levels are connected to the earlier harvest time. Early buds preserve all their nutrients; when picked early the nutrients are retained in the buds and subsequently released when we infuse them with water.

An additional difference between White and Green tea inevitably revolves around its economic value. Due to its limited harvest time and consuming hand picking, white tea comes at a higher commercial price. The good news is that you only need a small amount of tea buds to produce a large amount of tea.


  1. Green Tea and White tea are produced from the same bush.
  2. White tea buds are harvested in the spring and can only be harvested for a limited period.
  3. Both tea leaves contain high levels of antioxidants
  4. White tea is shown to contain three times the level of nutrients than that of green tea.
  5. Green tea is valued at a lower commercial price than White tea.

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