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Difference Between a Duvet and a Comforter

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On a cold winter’s night, there is nothing better than snuggling under the covers to stay warm. Perhaps you are the type of person who also enjoys lounging around in the bed on weekend mornings, drinking coffee and reading the paper. The coverings you use on your bed make a huge difference in its overall comfort. As you choose the thick, snuggly layer for your bed, you will probably want to choose between a duvet and a comforter.

Definition of Duvet and Comforter
Duvet ‘“ is a cloth sack with a removable cover that is filled with down, cotton batting, or synthetic stuffing.
Comforter ‘“ is a thick blanket that is filled with natural or synthetic stuffing.

Uses of a Duvet and Comforter
Duvet ‘“ can be used all year round. There are many different thicknesses to duvets and each level of thickness is rated for a certain time of the year. Thicker duvets are for winter and thinner duvets are for summer. They are very common in northern Europe as the only cover found on a bed.
Comforter ‘“ are generally used for warmth only in the winter. However, many people use their comforter as a bedspread as well and keep as the top layer of their bedding even when they don’t intend to use it for sleeping.

Care of a Duvet and Comforter
Duvet ‘“ is very easy to care for. It comes with a removable duvet cover that is held onto the duvet with snap, buttons, or a zipper. This cover is the only part of the duvet that comes in contact with your skin and therefore the only part of the duvet that needs to be washed. Simply slip off the duvet cover and put in the washing machine. After it is clean, slide the duvet back into its cover and distribute the stuffing evenly.
Comforter ‘“ are much more difficult to keep clean. Their stuffing doesn’t stand up to regular washing. You can fluff it in the dryer occasionally, but most people content themselves with taking their comforter to the dry cleaners once a year. Because of this, a comforter is always used in conjunction with sheets. The sheets form the same protective layer as the duvet cover and are easily washable.

While both a duvet and a comforter will keep you warm, duvets are a better value for your money. That is because you no longer have to purchase sheets, but you can purchase multiple covers so that you can change out the entire look of your bedding with much less cost than what you would incur buying multiple comforters or bedspreads.

1.Both comforters and duvets are used on your bed to keep you warm.
2.Duvets come with a washable duvet cover, whereas comforters must be paired with sheets in order to keep them clean.
3.Duvets come in different thicknesses because they recognize they are the only cover you’ll need all year round while comforters are usually regulated to the function of bedspreads during the summer months.

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