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Feeling a little tired? Then go ahead and take a nap on your most comfy bed. But before doing so, please pay attention to the details of your bed. Are the pillows in good condition? How about the mattress and the beddings? Well, if you are not the particular, perhaps it’s about time to look into the details of your bed, much more with your beddings. Most likely you have the complete set of beddings and yet you still don’t know that the particular item you’re using is the coverlet and the other might be a duvet. To know more about the two, read on.

Both the coverlet and duvet are two types of beddings. The former appears to be a multilayered fabric (usually three layers) with some decorative outer layers that are quilted, tied, or sewn around a wadding or filler; like what grandma usually creates. This filler is the layer between the top patchwork and bottom backing fabric of the coverlet. Also known as a quilt, the coverlet is actually a very thin piece of bedding. Because of such, it is more for decorative purposes.

On the contrary, duvets are bagged feathers or other cloth-like material. They are ‘bagged’ because the feathers are usually enclosed in a form of casing. The duvet is then inserted into a designed duvet casing prior to usage. The duvet, without its cover, ranges from white to off white in color. It is comparable to an oversized flattened pillow while the duvet cover is like a humongous pillow case that covers the actual duvet. Hence, the duvet cover is the washable item because washing the duvet itself can damage the down feathers.

The sizes of both beddings are more or less the same. They are able to cover the standard king and queen sized mattresses, as well as, the standard twin size. Covering the mattress would mean that the bedding can still extend along the sides of the bed and also at the foot area but not reaching the floor as in the case of bedspreads.

The usage of a duvet is advantageous because it can give a brand new look to your bed depending on the duvet cover design. Duvets also serve as blankets, so they allow the user to change the degree of warmth according to season. There are some differently weighted duvets that serve the purpose of such.

In summary:

1. A coverlet is a multilayered thin fabric that is quilted or sewn together whereas a duvet is usually made up of down feathers that are enclosed in styled duvet covers.

2. A coverlet is more of a type of bedding used for decorative purposes whereas the duvet is to keep the user warm.

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