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Difference Between Airport Extreme and Airport Express

airport_extremeAirport Extreme vs Airport Express

Airport Extreme is a switch and a router. It has a universal serial bus or USB port and can share out a drive. The port functions to designate external hard drives and printers. It allows fifty people to connect with internet at the same time. Airport extreme can plug into the broadband and allows sharing with the use of Ethernet cables and wireless simultaneously. It is dual band radio which lets a non-eight hundred two point eleven n (802.11n) device connect to it and still not slowing down all affixed equipments. It also allows connection with eight hundred two point eleven g (802.11 g) at similar time without causing any deterioration to 802.11 n modes. This usually happens in most devices that are wireless routers.

Airport extreme has a central airport or hub that was an integral part of the device that can be used for non wireless equipments. The present airport extreme has three additional Local Area Network (LAN) ports that are conducive for faster access when near to the base station. It also has a special feature known as Airport Disk which operates any external hard drives into a split drive. It makes all computers that are connected to partake with one enormous hard drive connected wirelessly. It can broadcast on two point four gigahertz (2.4 GHz) and five gigahertz (5 GHz) spectrums at the same time. Its rate is five times faster in transferring data and two times preferable range. The things it can’t offer are AitrTunes and remote control.

Airport express can broadcast on two point four gigahertz (2.4GHz) spectrum only. It is a wireless router which allows ten people or devices to connect with internet at the same time. It has a USB port that can be only used for compatible printers. Express has no built-in modem and has only one Ethernet port hence can’t extend access on network to wired equipments. It has an exclusive feature known as AirTunes which allows flow of music from iTunes or computer to the express and further more to entertainment hardware through audio jack. One advantage of express is it can store five profiles in its built-in memory without reentering varied settings each time. It could be hand carried with the lap top because it is compact.


1. Airport extreme has USB ports for external hard drives and printers while express has only one USB port for compatible printers only.
2. The extreme can broadcast on 2.4GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously while the express can only broadcast in 2.4 GHz.
3. The extreme can connect fifty people/devices in the internet at the same time while express can only connect ten people/devices with the internet.
4. Extreme has a built-in hub for non wireless equipments while express has none.
5. Extreme has several Ethernet ports while express has only one Ethernet port.
6. Express can save up to five different profiles.
7. Express could be hand carried anywhere with the laptop because it is compact.
8. Express has an exclusive feature AirTunes for streaming of music.

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