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Difference Between AirPort and AirPort Express

imac_apple_amAirPort vs. AirPort Express

The AirPort series is a product line of wireless networking products from Apple. It is mainly to be used in tandem with Apple products, like the iMac and MacBook s. The AirPort is the original product that was introduced back in 1999. The AirPort Express is a compact version of the product, and is intended more for mobile usage. The size is the more apparent difference between the two, as the Airport is considerably bigger than the Airport express.

Production of the original AirPort has been discontinued in favor of the newer AirPort Extreme. Due to this fact, there are certain advantages for the AirPort express that are inevitable. First off, is the speed. AirPort express models that conform to the latest N standard are now beginning to appear. These devices are much faster compared to the last AirPort model released in 2001. The Wireless N standard also introduces a few more improvements, that may not be specific to the device itself, but are still important to note.

Besides speed improvements, the AirPort Express has new features that you did not find on the original AirPort. It has the ability to stream audio from one source to multiple clients. The 3.5mm jack also features a TOSLINK, or optical cable. This feature allows the transmission of audio without resorting to analog signals, thereby preserving the original information from the source. A USB port on the AirPort Express serves a few purposes. It can be used to share a printer to everyone that is connected to the network, or even can be used as a charging station for your iPods.

The AirPort Express is a great device to add to your bag whenever you need to travel around, as it provides a quick and easy way to share resources with other people. For static uses, like at home or in an office, it’s better to opt for the AirPort Extreme, as it provides better features than both the original AirPort and AirPort Express. The original AirPort is simply obsolete, and there is no reason to use it unless you already have one.


1. The AirPort is the original product, while the AirPort Express is a compact and portable version.

2. The AirPort is much bigger compared to the AirPort Express.

3. The AirPort is no longer in production, while the AirPort Extreme still is.

4. The AirPort Express is much faster compared to the original AirPort.

5. The AirPort Express is capable of streaming audio, while the original AirPort is not.

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