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Difference Between Black Iridium and Warm Grey Lenses

Black Iridium vs Warm Grey Lenses

Oakley is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to sunglasses and other sportswear. They have many different styles of frames as well as different lenses that you can choose from to suit the different scenarios where you will use the sunglasses. The Black Iridium and Warm Grey lenses are two sunglass lenses that are very similar to each other. The main difference between the two is in how they achieve their light-blocking properties. Warm Grey lenses achieve the light-blocking capabilities through the construction and transparency of the glass. With the Black Iridium lens, the majority of its light- blocking properties come from the layer of iridium that is applied to the glass lens.

The two lenses are considered to be quite identical as they both have an index of 3 and only allow 10 per cent of the light through. This makes Black Iridium and Warm Grey lenses ideal for activities in very bright environments like fishing or skiing under a cloudless sky. The two lenses virtually eliminate the glare and soothe the eyes to prevent eye strain for long hours under the bright sun.

Although the two are pretty similar in terms of glare-blocking capabilities, there is still some difference between Black Iridium and Warm Grey lenses. Black Iridium performs better in the higher end of the spectrum where the light is extremely bright. In contrast, Warm Grey lenses perform better when it isn’t very bright as it lets a bit more light in; so you can still use your sunglasses even when the sun starts to go down.

Choosing between Black Iridium and Warm Grey lenses should depend on what your intended purpose is. If you would be using it mostly midday and under direct sunlight, Black Iridium would serve you well. If you want to use sunglasses for driving during the early morning or late in the afternoon, Warm Grey lenses should provide you with ample glare protection while still letting you see clearly even when you hit dark spots under thick canopies or in short tunnels.


1.Black Iridium lenses have an additional coating while Warm Grey lenses do not.
2.Black Iridium is slightly better for extremely bright light while Warm Grey Lenses are better for not-so-bright conditions.

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