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Difference Between Von Zipper Polarized and Poly Polarized Sunglasses

Von Zipper Polarized vs Poly Polarized Sunglasses

Von Zipper manufactures different types of sunglasses to suit its many customers. Polarized and poly polarized are just two types of sunglasses. The terms are actually pertinent to the lenses rather than the frame of the sunglasses. The main difference between polarized and poly polarized sunglasses is the material used in the lenses. Polarized sunglasses have lenses that are made out of glass while poly polarized sunglasses use a polycarbonate material which is a kind of plastic.

The biggest advantage of getting polarized sunglasses is its natural resistance to scratching. Because glass is quite hard, it doesn’t get scratched as easily as soft polycarbonate. If you are not as careful with your poly polarized sunglasses, it will gradually accumulate scratches over time. But the softness of the polycarbonate material in poly polarized sunglasses makes it more likely to flex and not break when something heavy accidentally falls on it. Glass doesn’t really flex and would readily break when hit hard enough.

Another difference between polarized and poly polarized sunglasses is the weight. Glass is an inherently heavier material than polycarbonate, and using glass requires the lenses to be slightly thicker. So if you like the barely-there-feel provided by light sunglasses, you should get a pair of poly polarized sunglasses.

Lastly, there is that very important matter of price. It might seem that polarized and poly polarized sunglasses are pretty much at par with each other, but when you look at the price, polarized sunglasses cost a bit more than poly polarized sunglasses. This is probably because of the increased difficulty and manufacturing costs in creating glass lenses compared to polycarbonate lenses.

Whether you go with polarized or poly polarized Von Zipper sunglasses, you are still getting an excellent pair to guard your eyes against harmful UV rays. In choosing between the two, it is still best to actually wear it to know how it actually feels and see which of the two you are more comfortable with.


1.The polarized sunglasses have glass lenses while poly polarized sunglasses use a polycarbonate material.
2.Polarized sunglasses are more resistant to scratches than poly polarized sunglasses.
3.Poly polarized sunglasses are less prone to breaking than polarized glasses.
4.Polarized sunglasses are slightly heavier than poly polarized sunglasses.
5.Polarized sunglasses cost a bit more than poly polarized sunglasses.

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