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Difference Between EGL and GIA diamonds

EGL vs GIA diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most precious gemstones in the world. Because of their value and beauty, many are tricked into buying fake diamonds or are not aware of how much the value of the diamond is they possess.

EGL and GIA are just two of the popular, widely recognized and used laboratories/agencies that have the expertise and capacity to properly examine a diamond. Both agencies issue a report that contains the details of a diamond’s quality and characteristics based on their examination and grading.

“EGL” stands for “European Gemological Laboratories” a for-profit organization while GIA is the acronym for Gemological Institute of America. In contrast, the GIA is a non-profit organization. Both organizations are available in the United States and other “diamond” cities.
The EGL was founded in Europe in 1974. Meanwhile, the GIA was founded in America in 1931.

Diamond wholesalers and jewelers use the services of these two companies to categorize their diamonds and to gain profits from the diamond’s characteristics. The main difference between two laboratories/agencies is their grading system. Both agencies use and contain similar information which includes shape, measurements, weight, depth percentage, table percentage, girdle thickness, culet size, polish, symmetry, clarity grade, color grade, fluorescence, comments about the diamond, and lastly, the plot of internal and external inclusions.

In an EGL report, the crown and pavilion angle are added areas of examination. Both companies maintain a reputation in the diamond industry and market. The EGL is reputed to give a more “lenient” grade compared to the GIA’s stricter grading. Many voice their opinion that the GIA has the better, more accurate, and reliable grading compared to the EGL and other companies. This reputation made the GIA the world’s leading authority in gemology.

The GIA also places a more expensive rate on a diamond compared to the EGL. Another comparison is that the GIA takes longer to appraise a diamond (6-8 weeks) while an EGL report can be accomplished in almost 2 weeks.

EGL diamonds also sell for lower prices compared to GIA diamonds. An EGL diamond can sell as much as 15 to 20 per cent cheaper compared to a diamond with a GIA grading. The price difference is a major consideration in classifying, buying, or selling a diamond.

In terms of their grading system, both companies differ in the color and clarity categories.
Another inconsistency between the two companies is that when it comes to borderline diamonds, the GIA assigns the lower grade while the EGL will allot the higher grade.

The EGL has 12 locations around the world. In contrast, the GIA has 16 locations. Each EGL laboratory/location exists independently (particularly EGL USA, which is located in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver). The standards within the EGL laboratories’ location varies while the GIA maintains consistent standards in all of its locations.

The reports issued by both companies are also titled differently. GIA brands its reports as either a Diamond Dossier or a Diamond Report. Diamond Dossiers contain the general findings while a Diamond Report offers more detailed results and information. The GIA also inscribes a laser label in the diamond’s girdle or edges for identification purposes. On the other hand, EGL labels its reports as Diamond Certificates.


1.The EGL and GIA perform similar services by detailing and grading diamonds for individual diamond owners, diamond jewelers, and diamond wholesalers.
2.The main difference between the EGL and GIA is the grading system and the reputation of the company. The EGL is reputed to have a lenient and varying standard while the GIA has a consistent and stricter standard.
3.The EGL is a for-profit organization while the GIA is a non-profit organization. The EGL has 12 locations all over the world operating independently while the GIA has 16 locations.
4.The EGL takes 2 weeks to classify and grade a diamond while the GIA does the similar service in 6-8 weeks. EGL diamonds are also 15-20 per cent cheaper compared to a GIA diamond.
5.The EGL calls its reports Diamond Certificates while the GIA titles their reports as Diamond Dossiers and Diamond Reports.

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