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Difference Between Electric and Gas Lawn Mowers

lawn-mowerElectric vs Gas Lawn Mowers

Whether you like or not, you have to mow your lawn. There is even a thing such as ‘lawn envy’, because we are somewhat compelled to make our lawn as beautiful as possible.

One of the most commonly known chores, and perhaps the most hated by many, but absolutely necessary, is mowing the lawn. We use lawn mowers to do the job. Cheapskates would use real style lawn mowers. These kinds of lawn mowers are simple, and powered by human effort. Things are rather more advanced nowadays, and people can use supplementary sources of power to get things done quicker, and more easily.

Real style mowers, although still used by some today, are not really favored in common households. The preferred lawn mowing machines are now push lawn mowers, which are either electric or gas powered. Electric and gas lawn mowers each offer their own advantages and disadvantages.

Gas lawn mowers are more powerful. However, many find them messy, because of the fueling and maintenance requirements. Air filters and spark plugs are often needed to be replaced as part of the maintenance.

Pollution is the main drawback of gas lawn mowers. To limit pollution, one must have periodic engine maintenance checks. Gas lawn mowers are considerably noisy as well. They can be as loud as 95 decibels or more. Yet, it has ability to make the lawn mowing job of a large area much easier. The power of the gas lawn mower diminishes the potential troubles presented by hard-to-handle lawns.

The electric lawn mower, on the other hand, is powered differently. Obviously, as the name implies, it gets its power to operate from electricity. They are environmentally-friendly, because no fumes are expelled. They are also said to be low in operation and potential maintenance costs, in contrast to gas-powered lawn mowers.

As of now, the most commonly used electric lawn mowers are the corded ones. However, the cord of the machine reduces maneuverability and limits the distance. Though you can use extension cords to help you reach further away areas, a possible engine malfunction can occur if the wrong type of cord is used. The power of the electric lawn mower is not as efficient as the gas-powered lawn mower, and they may have problems with wet or long grass.

Electric lawn mowers are not suitable for large lawn areas. However, they are quieter and very easy to start. Moreover, electric lawn mowers can also be cordless. They add a bit of maneuverability, but still have less power in comparison to gas-powered mowers.


1. Electric lawn mowers are environmentally friendly, while gas lawn mowers generate pollution.

2. Gas lawn mowers significantly have more power than electric lawn mowers.

3. Electric lawn mowers are generally quieter than gas lawn mowers.

4. A gas lawn mower can handle a large lawn, while an electric one is not designed for large areas, due to, amongst other things, the constraints brought about by its cord, .

5. Electric lawn mowers generally requires less maintenance than gas lawn mowers.

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    no longer made and Not able to get an aftermarket battery.

    When I bought my mower it concerned $500 additionally it
    was surface of the line, then. Electric lawn mowers have come a longer way since that time.

    I wanted to information that you understand a 40v or higher.
    I would similar to it to be described as a mulching rototiller.

    When I bought my Craftsman it was an easy purchase this is because it was literally the only 1 on industry.
    Now will take a very so much to select from and
    I’ve no idea what to obtain!
    Any advice or suggestions I am totally open to hearing!
    And whether it isn’t value of getting sub could you point me to a
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