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Difference Between Electric Stoves and Gas Stoves

stove-pdElectric Stoves vs Gas Stoves

Technology has actually made the gas and electric stoves on par with each other. Actually, a lot of new and advanced cooking ranges use gas, because cooking with gas is more accurate. The cook can control the correct quantity of heat under a pot, and this is almost certainly gas’s main benefit over electricity. In most other respects, the selection of a gas or electric stove will depend fundamentally on a cook’s needs and predilection.

Gas stoves usually have sealed burners, which reduce dirt and spoilage on the cook top if something spills. Solid-top electric ranges contain the radiant heat element below a glass or ceramic top. In this case, it is easy to clean the top of the stove.

An electric range or cook top is by and large less expensive than a gas stove. The dissimilarity in price can vary from $75-$200, depending on the model, manufacturer and features. A homemaker will require at least a 240-volt power supply for an electric range; this supply is actually available in most homes these days. The homeowner would require getting a gas line installation if there is no gas service already, and the cost of this installation may be quite high.

Electric stoves come with coil burners, and normally have detachable drip pans to take care of the problem, however, they look dull and dirty with recurrent use.
Gas stoves are realistic for those who live in areas where the principal source of power is propane or natural gas. There is high probability of having a gas line already installed in these homes, and then it becomes very easy to use a gas stove.

Some people are scared of gas, and they favor electricity. They do not admire the thought of having a gas line in use nearby. They do not want to light a burner, even though an electronic ignition system is present in gas stoves these days.
Many chefs prefer gas since it offers heating precision, although many electric stoves offer reasonably precise heating too.
For people who are not afraid of gas, their personal choice and budget will settle on which kind of stove they buy. However, a cook can do many things, like roasting etc, which cannot be done on the electric stove.

The choice between a gas and an electric stove depends largely on the homeowner, and it simply depends on budget and preference. Both come with their pros and cons, and have been able to satisfy their users.

Gas stoves come with sealed metal burners, while electric stoves have coiled burners.
Gas stoves use natural gas or propane gas as a fuel, while electric stoves run on electricity.

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