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Difference Between Eyeliner and Mascara

mascara_amEyeliner vs Mascara

The purpose of both the eyeliner and the mascara are to make your eyes beautiful. While the purpose of the eyeliner is to make your eyes appear their largest best, the purpose of the mascara is to make your eyes look fuller. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two, so that you can understand how best to use them to make your eyes more beautiful and sensuous.

Eyeliner should be applied along the edge of your eyelashes. You can start along the inner edge of your eyes and then go along to the outer edge. You can also apply it along your lower lid. However, some people do not look good in this. So, try it out at home before you wear it for an evening out. Another trick is to line the eyes from the middle of the lash line towards the outer edges. You can then line the lower lid from the corner to the edge outside. Another eyeliner trick you can try is to dot the base of the lashes, so that you do not create a line, but just make the lashes appear thicker.

Mascara can also be used in a variety of ways to enhance your look. There are a number of variations you can use to add color and drama to your looks with the use of mascara. The most important thing you need to remember is that the mascara should not lump together on your lashes. This will not only spoil your looks, it may also make the mascara prone to running. The trick is to draw the wand across the total length of your lashes, for a full look. Make sure your mascara separates the lashes as well. You should always apply mascara along both the eyelids. Unlike eyeliner, mascara needs application on both eyelids for a full effect. If you need a second coat, make sure you apply it only after the first coat has dried off completely. You should also avoid pumping your wand in and out of the mascara jar. It thrusts air into the tube and dries up your mascara faster. When you are applying the mascara, make sure that you bend the wand around a right angle, for the best impact. This will give you a steadier hand and a better look. The purpose of mascara and eyeliner are entirely different. Just a single stroke of the eyeliner can open up your eyes and give it a shape you never dreamt possible.

The mascara is all about drama and sensuousness. You can create a professional or a sexy, smoky look with the right color and stroke. Don’t confine yourself to black. There are blue, brown and green colors that can add class to your looks in a moment. Remember, experimenting is the name of the game. You will never know what you are missing until you try both on!

Mascara should be applied from the base of your lashes to the outer edges.

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