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Difference Between Gatorade and PowerAde

gatorade-poweradeGatorade is considered one of the first sports drinks that is formulated to replenish electrolytes which are lost through the sweat during heavy exercises. This drink was first developed for the Gators football team at the University of Florida. The heat of Florida is too high and players needed something more than water and salt.

The main differences between these two drinks are the amount of sodium, sugar, and the type of sugar used. The main ingredients of the Gatorade are salt, sodium citrate and monopotassium phosphate, whereas PowerAde has salt, potassium phosphate and potassium citrate instead of sodium citrate. These are the sources necessary for replenishing the loss of electrolytes from your body. Although there are slight differences in the contents, the purpose of both drinks are the same.

Let’s look at the nutritional information for both of these drinks:

PowerAde (8 fl oz ) has 70 calorie, 0g fat, 30mg potassium, 55mg sodium, 19mg carbohydrate, 15g sugar, 0g protein, 10% vitamin B6, 10% vitamin B12, and niacin 10%.

Gatorade (8 fl oz) has 50 calories, 0g trans fat, 110 mg sodium, 30 mg potassium, 14g carbohydrates, and 14 g sugar.

Since PowerAde has low salt content compared to Gatorade, people who are on low sodium diet should consider one over the other. People who consider dieting may prefer Gatorade since it has lower calories than PowerAde.

Finally, the differences between these two drinks are small. Neither of them is superior to the other. Gatorade replaces sodium losses more effectively than PowerAde and it has less calories. Replacing sodium loss is not a bigger deal when you don’t do long runs and extreme workouts where several liters of sweat are secreted.

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  1. My son is doing a science fair project. How could he measure the differences between Gatorade and PowerAde?

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