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Meq vs Mmol

As students, we are always faced with systems of units. The ones we are always familiar with are units that are used to measure the length of an object. These are the millimeter, centimeter, inches, and meter. For greater distances, we are familiar with miles and kilometers. For measuring weight, we usually know about kilograms and pounds.

Every single object on this planet can be measured. Through the advancement of technology, scientists were able to add and modify these units of measurement. They were also able to measure even the tiniest cell structures through the nanometer. From measuring our waistlines, our height, our weight, these are important values for our well-being. Engineers and other professionals also rely on this system of measurements.

Two values that will be tackled in this article are about “meq” and “mmol.” “Meq” is an abbreviation of the word “milliequivalent” while “mmol” is an abbreviation of the word millimole. These two units of measurement are used for measuring the amount of a substance.

“Meq” is a unit of measurement that is referred to as one-thousandth of an equivalent of a chemical. Meq is used to measure substances with electrolytes. Electrolytes are body compounds that aid in chemical activities such as potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, just to name a few. One may notice this unit of measurement in vials of electrolytes that can be purchased in the drug store. These electrolytes are administered via an intravenous route for faster recovery if the client has little or a minute amount of electrolytes that are circulating in the blood. Electrolytes can also be consumed through drinking. Gatorade is an example of a drink with lots of electrolytes. This is consumed to rehydrate the body and to maintain or add the circulating electrolytes during rigorous sports and physical activities. This word originated during 1925 to the 1930’s.

“Mmol,” on the other hand, is a unit of measurement that is referred to as one-thousandth of a gram molecule. It is a unit of measurement for an amount of substance with different units which can be an atom, molecule, electron, or photon. This unit of measurement was approved during 1960. The use of “mmol” can be seen in laboratory values particularly blood glucose. Mmol/Liter is said to be the standard in measuring the circulating sugar in our blood. This is important for doctors and nurses to assess and confirm if the patient has too much sugar or very minute sugar that is circulating in the body. If so, medical interventions must be observed in order to take care of the patient.


1.“Meq” is a unit of measurement for electrolytes while “mmol” is used in many entities.
2.“Meq” originated during 1925-1930 while “mmol” was approved during 1960.
3.Both are units of measurement under the System of International Units.

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  1. Hi,
    About mmol. It is 1/1000 of a mole, not 1/1000 of a gram molecule. Although since I’ve never seen “gram molecule” defined maybe it means mole?

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