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The iBook and the MacBook are separate lines of laptop computers from Apple. The iBook is the earlier line that was to be replaced by the Macbook. Although both models existed simultaneously, this was just a consequence of the transition that Apple went through at the time. The most significant difference between the iBook laptops and MacBook laptops, is their hardware. iBooks use the old Power PC architecture that has been the standard for all Apple computers. MacBooks now use the x86 architecture that is being used in PCs, in particular, the Intel based processors and hardware.

The shift to Intel hardware made it possible for Apple to catch up with the fast developing hardware and dropping costs of the x86 architecture, while still maintaining the trademark characteristics of Apple computers. The transition from Power PC to x86 was not sudden. The gradual transition resulted in both product lines existing at the same time.

There are additional changes to the aesthetics of the MacBook line that made it very attractive for users. First off, MacBook laptops are much thinner, and look very stylish with the aluminum body, compared to the bulkier Macbook, whose body is made out of polycarbonate or plastic. iBooks were available in a wide variety of colors, while, though the MacBook was initially released in black or white, the production of the black model has been discontinued, and the white one is the only available model.

Apple also chose to go with the more popular widescreen format for the MacBook, abandoning the standard 4:3 aspect ratio display that was in use with the older iBooks. This change, on a single part, affected the appearance of the whole laptop, making it wider and more rectangular, compared to the square appearance of the iBook.

Since the iBook has been discontinued way back in 2006, you would not be able to find one for sale, except perhaps for used units. The advancements in the x86 architecture, and the introduction of multi-core processors, also make the MacBook a lot more superior compared to the iBook.


1. The iBook is the old line of Apple laptops that has been discontinued, and has since been replaced by the MacBook.

2. iBooks use the Power PC architecture, while MacBooks have moved forward with the x86 architecture.

3. Macbooks are thinner compared to iBooks.

4. iBooks use the standard 4:3 screen size, while the MacBook has shifted to using wide screen displays.

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