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Difference Between Linksys WRT54G and WRT54G2

linksys_routerLinksys WRT54G vs. WRT54G2

The WRT54 is Linksys’ most popular line of SOHO wireless routers, and has been made available in a variety of sub-models over an extended span of time. The WRT54G is the very first model available, while the WRT54G2 is a much later model. The most easily recognizable difference between the two, is their looks. The WRT54G has the very popular black and blue combination, and is quite bulky. On the other hand, the WRT54G2 is very sleek, with its curved edges and very slim profile. It also comes in glossy black, with the LEDs seamlessly incorporated into the body.

Another difference in the look, is the lack of the trademark dual antennas sticking out in the back of the WRT54G2. The WRT54G had two external antennas, or at least supported optional external antennas via TNC ports, while it also had internal antennas. The WRT54G no longer accommodates external antennas, and relies only on its internal antennas.

When it comes to the hardware, there are very little differences between the two, as they both have 4 LAN ports and a single WAN port, and support for both 802.11b and 802.11g wireless standards. The WRT54G2 series though, has a higher range of processors. Earlier models of the WRT54G had 125Mhz processors, while later models reached as high as 240Mhz. The first WRT54G2 model is already equipped with a 240Mhz processor, and later models with a 400Mhz processor. The better processors can be an advantage when under heavy usage. It also allows more wireless clients to connect, compared to the weaker WRT54G models.

Both models have identical capabilities and security measures installed. You can choose from a selection of encryptions, from WEP to WPA2. Another thing that these routers are very popular for, is their ability to install third party firmware, like OpenWRT and DD-WRT. These firmware allow the user to extend the functionalities of the router far beyond its original Linksys design. It is not clear-cut though, as not all models have replaceable firmware. The only way you can determine whether you can replace the firmware of your device, is via the hardware version number.


1. The WRT54G is a bit bulky, and has a black and blue color combination, while the WRT54G2 is colored black and is very sleek.

2. The WRT54G has external antenna, or at least supports optional external antenna, while the WRT54G2 has no ports for external antennas.

3. The WRT54G2 models have better processors compared to WRT54G.

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