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Difference Between Oyster And Fish Sauce

fish-sauceOyster Sauce vs Fish Sauce

Traditional Oyster sauce is prepared from oyster extracts. Fish Sauce is made from fish. Oyster sauce was first invented in 1888. The origins of the fish sauce are traced back well into the seventeenth century.

Oyster Sauce can be prepared in one’s kitchen in a few minutes with the right ingredients. To prepare this sauce oysters are boiled in water and the broth achieved is then reduced over low flame to achieve the desired consistency and then caramelized. While bottling this sauce various ingredients like preservatives and monosodium glutamate may be added.

Fish Sauce required the fish to be fermented over long periods of time. The process may even take upto a year. Fish is kept in covered jars and allowed to ferment in the sun. Periodically the jars are opened to let out the air and to let in hot sunshine. The process can last for almost a year till the time the fish gets completely converted to liquid. This liquid is then removed preferably through the bottom of the jar so that the liquid passes through the fish remains and then sieved through a cloth. This liquid is then again left for a couple of weeks to let the odour come out. The liquid left behind is pure fish sauce.

Oyster Sauce is used most commonly in Cantonese Cuisine. Fish Sauce is most common in Thai cuisine which will practically be incomplete without it.

Oyster Sauce was invented to be commercially used as a condiment and an accompaniment. Fish Sauce is a traditional dish that was initially prepared at home for own consumption like pickles.

1.Oyster Sauce is made from Oysters while fish sauce is made from fish.
2.To prepare oyster sauce oysters are boiled in water however for fish sauce fish is allowed to ferment.
3.Oyster Sauce was first invented in 1888 while fish sauce origins date back to the seventeenth century.
4.Oyster sauce can be quickly prepared in one’s kitchen however fish sauce preparation can take upto an year.
5.Oyster Sauce is most common in Cantonese cuisine while fish sauce is most common in thai cuisine.
6.Oyster Sauce was invented as a commercial product while fish sauce is a traditional sauce.

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