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Difference Between Milk and Organic Milk

Milk vs Organic Milk

Have you heard about organic foods? These are actually the food products that were made or grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, drugs and pesticides alike. This means that the process observed for growing is purely natural, hence it is a lot healthier compared to adding some chemicals just to hasten the growth process. In this regard, one of the most in demand organic products ‘“ organic milk, is gaining much attention in the dairy product industry. So how different is organic milk from regular milk?

Organic milk is basically the milk procured from cows that are fed on non-sprayed grass. This means that the cow’s food is purely chemical free and was not grown using fertilizers. Another situation wherein one can say that the milk is organic is when the milk was obtained from cows that were not injected with any artificial hormones just to boost their milk production. These cows are also left to feed on grasses of the pastures so that they can be in their natural habitat.

Regular milk, on the contrary, is procured from cows that feed on chemical enriched or enhanced grasses. Opposite to organic milk, cows producing regular milk have been injected with milk production enhancers more often than not. These cows too, are most likely seen being housed in their specialized cow quarters and are also fed with grains. Because of the chemicals that were also ingested by the cows when they eat enhanced grasses, their milk will also contain some chemicals that can possibly lower the shelf life of the milk when compared against organic milk products.

One advantage of drinking organic milk over regular milk is that you won’t be at risk of ingesting the chemicals and artificial food enhancers that the cows themselves have eaten. This is a purer milk type that is safer to drink especially for children. But this doesn’t imply however that regular milk is unsafe. Regular milk is still okay for drinking as these products have been tested according to the health and safety standards set by certain government bureaus.

As what has been previously mentioned, organic milk has a longer shelf life than ordinary milk. This will also mean that it is pricier than the latter. Moreover, organic milk is a result of an environment friendly farming that supports the healthy growth of other wild life. This also adds up to the cost of such.

Although both milk variations have the same amount of nutritional content and are safe to drink, they still differ because:

1. Organic milk is purer than regular milk because it doesn’t have any chemicals or artificial substances added into it.

2. Organic milk has a longer shelf life than regular milk.

3. Organic milk is more expensive than regular milk.

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  1. first of all farmers are not alowed to inject hormones in their cattle anymore because they signed a paper saying that they would not inject their cattle with hormones or dairy product makers will not take their milk

  2. I Judy tried organic milk for the first time. Amazing. It’s so fresh tasting. I really like this milk better. It tastes super fresh.

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