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Quartz Vs Granite

Today, home aesthetics has become a very serious topic for homeowners who want their homes to become the best looking abode there is. In this regard, they employ crafty techniques to beautify their furniture and buy materials like stones, just for them to design their floors, sinks and other countertops. For the latter, the question of choosing quartz or granite has actually become more of a fad.

Granite is actually an igneous rock. This means that it is formed out of magma upon its solidification, after it has cooled down. This process may involve crystallization but in many cases it doesn’t. The naming of this rock is based on its quartz content along with other components such as plagioclase feldspar and alkali feldspar. The most real of all granite stones both have the two kinds of feldspars. When combined, these minerals are actually responsible for making feldspar the most naturally abundant mineral in the earth’s crust (continental).

In terms of use, granite by nature is a tough rock. This is exactly the reason why it is nowadays often used in engineering and construction. Quartz, as a mineral, is only the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. Because of its crystalline structure, quartz is commonly used for jewelries and in the art of carving.

When talking about stones, the granite stone is actually considered as a natural one. It is cut directly from the surface of the earth in the form of thick slabs. Quartz, on the contrary, is deemed as an engineered stone. Although the quartz stone is still chiefly composed of all-natural quartz crystals, it is basically engineered because its final product changes in appearance, consistency and color depending on the resins, as well as, other components which are combined with the quartz.

Overall, even if both stone minerals can be used as the basic component or material for countertops that are made resistant to stains and scratches, they still have specific differences that burns down to the following:
1. Granite encompasses quartz because it (granite) is made of the latter.
2. Granite is chiefly composed of feldspars (the most abundant mineral in the earth’s continental crust) whereas quartz is another mineral whose physical occurrence (abundance) is only second to feldspar.
3. Granite is a tough rock or stone material that is chiefly used for construction and engineering while quartz is a crystalline mineral that is frequently used in carving jewelries.
4. Granite is regarded as a natural stone while quartz is an engineered stone.

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