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Difference Between Samsung HDTV Series 6 vs Series 7


Samsung HDTV Series 6 vs Series 7

It is common practice for most hardware manufacturers to release the same type of product that varies in the included features and price. This is to ensure that those who want the best and can afford it can have the best while those who are not able to spend that much still has an option that is good but not pricey. The series 6 and 7 HDTV sets are just that, with the series 6 being the scaled down version of the beefed up series 7. The series 7 sets are also considerably pricier than the series 6 units making it easier for buyers to choose which one suite their budget.

The series 7 HDTV sets also justify their high price with cutting edge technology that is not available in its cheaper counterpart. A new and very desirable feature in LCD TVs is LED lighting, and this is present in the series 7 but not in the series 6. Subwoofers also come as standard in series 7 sets allowing them to reproduce much better sound compared to series 6 units. The processing power of series 7 units have also been improved since it is capable of HD picture in picture while series 6 units are only capable of PIP for analog signals.

Although both series 6 and series 7 sets have USB and ethernet ports and both are capable of retrieving media from both, only series 7 sets can play video from both. Series 6 units can only display pictures or audio files, probably because it lacks the processing power of the series 7 units.

It should be stated again that the price between these two product lines are quite far from each other and some people think that the features added are not really proportionate to the pricing. Still, it all depends on what your demands are and how much you are willing to pay. If you want the best of the best, then series 7 HDTV sets are right for you. But if you don’t want to break the bank, you might just have to settle for a series 6 unit which is not a shabby choice either.

1.The Series 7 is a class above the Series 6
2.Series 7 sets are LED lit while Series 6 are not
3.The Series 7 has subwoofers giving it an overall better sound than the Series 6
4.The Series 7 can handle HD PIP while the series 6 can only handle analog PIP
5.Series 7 are much more costly than series 6 units

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  1. Good article, but is there an update?
    I wunder what the diference are between 6 en 7 series in 2016.


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