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Physical qualities of titanium make it a preferable material used by automobiles, aerospace, jewelry and many other industries. It has been known for its high strength and toughness, durability and low density, and ability to withstand high and low temperatures. The corrosion resistance and biological compatibility of titanium are another two attributes very useful in a variety of applications like surgical implants etc. it is precious and costly when compared to steel. Steel is corrosive, rusts, stains, and is heavier than titanium. Steel’s density is 7.85 g/cm3, and titanium has 56% that of steel.

When compared to steel, titanium has exceptional resistance to a broad range of acids, alkalis, natural waters and industrial chemicals. Titanium is considered a superior combination of high strength and low weight ratios when compared to steel. Another reason it is preferred in surgical implants and deep well tube strings, is because titanium based alloys are lightweight and stronger. Steel is preferred in industries where strength is more important than weight. Titanium is used for surgical implants because the human body accepts it, and it is non-poisonous and biologically inert. Stainless steel metal implants are prone to develop some serious medical conditions and diseases. Titanium is in high demand by computer manufacturers for making computer components. Another popular use of titanium is for jewelry making. Titanium is in strong competition with steel in the automobile industries. Steel is used where there is a need for a hardened material, like axles for cars or trucks, whereas titanium structures do not guarantee longevity and have a fatigue limit.

Certain claims by marketing associates and companies gave way for the controversy to rise that titanium is stronger than steel, but unlike the claim, the best steel is stronger than titanium alloys. In unalloyed condition, titanium is 45% lighter, and as strong as steel. We can presume that the same rod of steel will be 5% stronger than titanium, but titanium will be 40% lighter. Another difference is the ability of titanium to withstand high heat without any reduction of weight. Carbon steel cannot bear higher degrees of heat. Steel may bear around 2,700 degrees F, whereas titanium can bear 3,300 degrees F. If we compare the heat and cold stability of titanium versus steel, titanium is more thermally stable than steel; which is 800 degrees F, which makes it an excellent choice for subzero weather material because it does not break, whereas steel can shatter. Another advantage that titanium has over steel is that it can be flexed or bowed repeatedly, and it is flexible enough to not to rupture like steel.


1. Titanium is a nonpoisonous and biologically inert metal.

2. Steel is stronger, but has a more fatigue life than titanium.

3. Steel can shatter, whereas titanium can withstand high and low temperatures.

4. Steel is magnetic and corrosive when compared to titanium that is nonmagnetic and anti corrosive.

5. Steel is preferred when strength is needed in a hard material, and titanium is preferred where a lightweight and strong material is required.

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  1. damn i missed the m

  2. how we differentiate between titanium and stainless steel? using some kind of testing instrument or what?

  3. oi bloke XDDDD

  4. How durable will a car fully manufactured by titanium last compared to a normal steel car

    • Cars are usually made of aluminum, not steel. Titanium roughly has the same weight as aluminum for the same thickness, but it has similar strength as iron when compared to steel. It trades being slightly weaker than steel for being much lighter. Steel makes better armor, but titanium is better all-round for building. Aluminum is worse in every way, but it is way cheaper.

  5. Comparing a steel 5/16 fine threaded bolt grade
    Eight to titanium same size and used for clamping
    A splined female to the matching male about one
    Inch in diameter, need the numbers difference
    Used on torsion bars on a sprint car
    Any confirmed help would be appreciated

  6. Cost difference of steel to Titanium is 10-17 times more than steel depending on each ones grade of quality/alloy.

  7. Titanium makes an excellent wedding band. Lasts forever and doesn’t ever bend. Damn thing saved my finger from a 75 lb brake rotor dropping on it from 4 feet once and didn’t bend at all. Lucky. Gold would have bent and let the thing crush my finger.

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