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You may not be really interested in using your rifle just yet, at least not as a form of self defense. However, there are other options that may be available, like a hunting expedition, or a training program you wish to attend to understand your machine a bit better. Now, what kind of ammunition you require will depend very much on the purpose and usage of your pistol or rifle, and the difference between things like TMJ and FMJ become questions for which you need the answers before you go and purchase your ammunition.


· FMJ, or Full Metal Jacket, is a bullet that is encased in a shell of hard metal. Normally these bullets are open at the back leaving a small part of the lead exposed.

· TMJ stands for Total Metal Jacket, and this is also a bullet; however, the difference is that it is fully covered with metal, and it does not expose the lead in any way.

Advantages and disadvantages

· TMJ, or Total Metal Jackets, do not expose any of the lead inside the bullet upon firing, therefore, it makes them more environment friendly; they are stronger on hard surfaces and they don’t expand on impact, making them more dangerous. They are very durable, and can take a lot of rough treatment.

· FMJ, or Full Metal Jackets, tend to expose some amount of lead upon firing, and this makes then unfit for certain kinds of operations where the environment is an issue; they are very reliable in penetrating the body and reaching vital organs, however, they make smaller holes.

Costs involved

· TMJ, or Total Metal Jackets, are expensive, and you will have to find a very good bargain if you wish to get a good number of them. You will have to calculate shipping costs as well.

· FMJ jackets are cheaper, and you can use them more liberally.

There are many differences in the size and shapes of the bullets and ammunitions depending on the kind of weapon you are carrying, and the purpose for which you wish to handle your weapon. Hunting games also have some rules and regulations about these things, and you have to make sure that you are using only what is required. However, it is also very important to understand the differences, and what they mean in terms of power and durability. Bullets which are not encased at all are also available, and they are much cheaper and good for training exercises where you are more interested in learning about aiming.


1. TMJ is a bullet which is totally covered with a metal surface.

2. FMJ is a bullet which is covered with a metal surface, however, not fully covered. Lead is exposed in certain areas.

3. TMJ is environmentally friendly, as there is no leakage of lead while firing.

4. FMJ bullets are cheaper than TMJ bullets.

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  1. I did not find any .44 magnum hollow points on your site!……do you have them in stock?

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  2. I have always wondered about FMJ vs TMJ and this article was great!

  3. Watch this become a legal issue in the future. The lawyer asks you, “Why did you shoot my client with an FMJ bullet? Were you trying to poison my client with lead?” I’ll let everyone finish the reply.

  4. Can you use TMJ ammunition at the shooting range or do some ranges have restrictions on TMJ ammunition

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