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Difference Between Regular Bullet and Hollow-Point Bullet

Regular Bullet vs Hollow-Point Bullet

Aside from caliber, there is also other ways that bullets differ from each other. A major classification is whether it is a regular or a hollow-point bullet. The main difference between the two is the presence of a cavity. Whereas a regular bullet is a smooth, dome-like shape, a hollow-point bullet has a hole at the top that varies in size.

The purpose of the hole in a hollow-point bullet is to allow it to expand upon impact. Once a hollow-point bullet impacts, the force on the front bullet forces the soft lead to buckle and expand outwards. Although regular bullets also experience expansion when it hits a solid object, it is far less likely to do so when hitting soft targets like flesh.

Expansion is desirable in bullets for a variety of reasons. The first is its ability to inflict a lot more damage to the target compared to regular bullets. An expanding bullet would expend all its energy on the target, thereby applying more force and has more stopping power. The second is its ability to tear more tissue as it progresses through the body of the target not to mention that the embedded bullet would be more deadly to the target if not extracted swiftly and properly by a trained medical professional.

Regular bullets, especially those that travel at a very high speed, tend to go through targets. In cases where the target is hiding behind something that is not too strong, like wood or a few layers of thin metal, a regular bullet is more likely to pass through the barrier and hit the target with enough force to still be effective. The expansion of hollow-point bullets makes it less likely to do so. Despite that, it still has advantages. Hollow-point bullets are good for situations where civilians are involved. Since the bullet wouldn’t go through the target, there is a reduced likelihood of collateral damage because of civilians being right behind the target.

Regular and hollow-point bullets have their own specific uses. Knowing which one fits your needs is the key in maximizing the power of your firearm.


1.Regular bullets are solid while hollow-point bullets have a cavity in the middle.
2.Hollow-point bullets are meant to expand while regular bullets are not.
3.Hollow-point bullets can do more damage than regular bullets.
4.Hollow-point bullets are less likely to go through a target than regular bullets.

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