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dynamiteTNT vs Dynamite

Many people use both the terms often interchanging them with each other and think that dynamite is the colloquial term for TNT. Both the tnt and dynamite are explosives but there are some differences between the two. Dynamite is a white powder usually found in the sticks while TNT is a yellow crystal. Dynamite was discovered by the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel when he was doing a certain experiment. The experiment was to make the chemical nitroglycerin more stable than its form so that it doesn’t explode easily. He mixed nitroglycerin with sodium carbonate (found in the common baking soda and soaps), and diatomaceous earth (which is presently used to filter water of the swimming pools). Alfred Nobel found that this mixture made the residual chemical more stable and he patented it. With the monetary benefits he obtained, he conceptualized Nobel Prize.

This being said, TNT is a yellowish powder and comprises of trinitrotoluene. Its chemical formula is CH3C6H2 (NO2)3. Joseph Wilbrand discovered TNT in 1863, in Germany. TNT is more stable than dynamite though dynamite is more powerful than it. Therefore dynamite is considered to be highly explosive and detonates fast. Additionally TNT can be melted in order to pour it into casings of shell. TNT has its cons and it is very toxic. Dynamite is heavier than TNT and its density is 60% more than the TNT.

Another difference between the two is that while energy density of dynamite is 7.5 M joules/Kg, TNT’s stands at 4.6 M joules /Kg.

Due to the fact that nitroglycerin constituent in dynamite is highly explosive, it is very difficult to transport dynamite. Also it cannot be used in its pure form. So it is usually kept as a mixture. However, over the time, the dynamite starts sweating and gives out nitroglycerin which can collect at the bottom of the area where it is stored. That is why during transportation or otherwise, dynamite boxes are turned periodically. In case it is not turned, crystals will appear on the outer side and this can pose a very dangerous situation. On the other hand TNT is more stable but very poisonous. Its contact to the skin may cause skin irritation and your skin may appear yellowish-orange in color. People who are exposed to TNT for a long time can get problems like anemia, abnormal liver functions and even spleen enlargement.

1.TNT is more stable than dynamite.
2.Dynamite contains nitroglycerin while TNT contains trinitrotoluene.
3.TNT is very toxic and can cause several health problems like liver damage and discolored skin.
4.Dynamite was discovered by Alfred Nobel while TNT was discovered by Joseph Wilbrand.

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