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Difference Between Transport Chair and Wheelchair

Transport Chair vs Wheelchair

A wheelchair is designed to aid an individual to move around when he is incapable of walking due to an illness, disability, or injury from an accident. It is a chair with wheels and can be manually operated, or it can be equipped with a motor.

Its first known use was in 6th century China, and it underwent several design changes until the invention in 1933 of a steel-made wheelchair which is collapsible and lightweight. Today, wheelchairs come in various types and are made with different materials.

The usual wheelchair, though, is made of a steel frame and plastic, vinyl, or nylon accessories and upholstery. The seats are measured at 16 x 18 inches, and it is equipped with two large wheels at the back and two castor wheels at the front.

Depending on the needs of the patient, wheelchairs can be made according to his specifications. There are even wheelchairs made for racing and athletics such as the power chair which is used in playing soccer and football.

Wheelchairs are usually used by patients who do not require the help of another person to move around since they can still use their hands. They can operate the wheelchair by themselves either manually or through the use of controls in motorized wheelchairs.

One other type of wheelchair is the transport chair. It is a special chair which is designed for patients or individuals who are unable to walk or use their arms and hands to move themselves with the wheelchair. Its use requires the help of another person to move the patient to the chair as well as to transport him around in it. It is more solidly built and lighter than the standard wheelchair and is easier to move around and manage.

It is made of steel or aluminum and the seat measures 16 x 17 or 19 inches. It is equipped with four wheels which measure eight inches in diameter. The back wheels are fixed and have brakes connected to the handles while the front wheels are attached on a swivel making it easy to maneuver.

Compared to other types of wheelchairs, the transport chair is less expensive and is most commonly used in hospitals and other medical facilities because it provides an easier and more convenient way to move patients around.


1.A wheelchair is a chair with wheels which is designed to help an individual move around when he loses the ability to walk due to injury or illness while a transport chair is a variation of the wheelchair.
2.Both have four wheels; while a wheelchair has two larger back wheels and two smaller front wheels, a transport chair has four wheels of the same size.
3.A wheelchair is designed for use by patients who are capable of using the upper part of their body to put themselves into the chair and move it manually while a transport chair is designed for use by patients who are unable to use their arms and hands and need the assistance of another person.

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