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Silver vs gold

These days, investors do not feel very secure with paper investments anymore, which is why they turn to metal. To be more specific, investors are eyeing gold and silver investments. Real estate and other floundering stocks must have alternatives, and investors have found gold and silver. Since 2001, silver and gold has increased their value by up to 300%. Wise investors are positioning themselves in the precious metal cycle, which is already in its momentum according to some gold and silver analysts. New and experienced investors know that by purchasing gold and silver coins and other gold or silver products, they will gain stability. This is because rates of these precious metals are rising and now the government is also forced to raise rates. So if you are thinking of investing, and you are having a hard time whether to go for gold or silver, then you must be informed of the differences between the two.

Gold is as useful as money, but it is more valuable and portable. It can’t be counterfeited, which is why it is portable and it is rare, which is why it is valuable. It can be exchanged and it does not rust and perish. With all these characteristics of gold, it can be used for trade and account. With its value, it can be easily traded, and with all of these, it’s the best liquid asset, luxury and money.

Silver, compared to gold, has minor differences. Silver is less valuable compared to gold. Silver is heavier than gold. The idea is, why carry 60 ounces silver when you can carry one ounce of gold. However, silver is still very profitable, 55 pounds of silver can be worth up to $4,500.

Another difference is silver tarnishes, while gold does not. However, the tarnish on silver is very minimal, which means it is not a waste of investment. Silver has been around since the Roman Empire some 2000 years ago, still the silver coins did not tarnish that much. If silver tarnishes in a minimal way, it becomes more in demand in the market.

Since 2001 and up until 2003, there has been 4.82 billion ounces of gold mined. Compared to silver, where mankind only has 250 million ounces to 650 million ounces, which means silver is rarer than that of gold. There is up to seven times more gold than silver, which is how rare silver is.

With this information and differences, it is best you invest in both; you can invest in gold because it is more valuable, or you can invest in silver because it is rarer. You can invest in gold for the high returns it can give because of its value, but when silver get rarer and rarer, even people with gold will be buying silver from you.


1. Gold is more valuable.

2. Silver tarnishes, gold does not.

3. Silver is more rare than gold.

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