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Difference Between a Sony A55 and an A65

Sony A55 vs A65

The A65 is an improved version of the A55 SLT camera from Sony. It features a number of improved features over its predecessor. The biggest difference between the Sony A55 and A65 is the improved sensor on the A65. While the A55 already sports an impressive 16.2 megapixel sensor, the A65 has an even better sensor with a 24.3 megapixel resolution. A higher resolution sensor lets you take larger images that can capture more detail and gives you more leeway during editing.

Another difference between the A65 and the A55 is their viewfinders. Both viewfinders are electronic types since SLTs cannot redirect the light to the viewfinder. But the A65 uses an OLED display on its viewfinder while the A55 uses an LCD screen. These are two very different screen types with their own pros and cons.

When it comes to video capabilities, the A65 also wins over the A55 although they both achieve the maximum 1080 resolution. This is indicated by their compliance with AVCHD standards. The A65 is compliant with AVCHD version 2.0 while the A55 is only compliant with version 1.0. The most significant consequence of this is the frame rate of the videos that the two cameras can shoot; the A65 can shoot full-frame progressive videos while the A55 can only manage an interlaced at the 1080 resolution. This is because the A65 is capable of shooting 60 frames per second, commonly known as 1080p. On the other hand, the A55 is only capable of capturing 30 frames per second. To reach 60 frames, the images are interlaced together to create the in-between frames. This is called 1080i.

Lastly, the A65 is larger than the A55 and heavier by more than 20 percent. This is really a focus on preference as some people might get tired quicker with the heavier A65, while others prefer its weight because it gives them a solid feeling.


  1. The A65 has a much higher resolution sensor than the A55.
  2. The A65 has a higher ISO setting than the A55.
  3. The A65 has an OLED viewfinder while the A55 has an LCD viewfinder.
  4. The A65 is AVCHD 2.0 compliant while the A55 is not.
  5. The A65 is able to shoot 1080p videos while the A65 is only able to shoot 1080i videos.
  6. The A65 is bigger and heavier than the A55.

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