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Differences Between a Sony A33 and A35

 Sony A33 vs A35

The Sony A33 and A35 SLT cameras represent two generations of a relatively new type of camera that used a fixed translucent mirror in place of the moving mirror in DSLRs. The A35 is the newer model between the two, and Sony decided to refine the design rather than overhauling the entire thing. The first difference between the Sony A33 and A35 is the improvement in the sensor resolution. Instead of the 14.2 MP sensor found on the A33, the A35 inherits the 16.2 MP sensor found on the higher end A55. It is the same exact sensor and should enable you to take larger pictures.

Aside from the increased resolution of the sensor, Sony also included software filters into the A35. Filters like monochrome, retro, toy camera, and pop let you make your photos more interesting without going to the computer to edit them manually. Good for those who do not have the time or the skill to do it on a computer.

The A33 and A35 are both entry-level products; and to make them more attractive as alternatives to first-time DSLR buyers, Sony needed to reduce the prices. This is what they did with the A35, which has a $50 lower introductory price than the A33. But this reduction in price is not without its drawback. The A35, although it still has the same LCD screen on the back as the A33, loses articulation. This means that the screen is fixed and you cannot move it. The A35 screen is movable, and you can shoot photos and videos at pretty much any angle with the correct LCD position. Probably the biggest use of an articulating LCD screen is shooting over the heads of the crowd. You can still do this with the A35, but it will be hit and miss as you cannot see the live view.

If not for the loss of the articulating screen, the A35 would be the clear winner. But if you want to cut costs, you need to let go of some features. If you can live without the articulating screen, then you can’t go wrong with the A35.


  1. The A35 has a higher resolution sensor than the A33.
  2. The A35 has some filters that are not found on the A33.
  3. The A35 is cheaper than the A33.
  4. The A33 has an articulated screen while the A35 doesn’t.

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