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Difference Between Alienware M15X and M17X

Alienware M15x vs M17x

Whenever the name Alienware is mentioned, high performance gaming computers always come to mind. The M15x and M17x are no exceptions as both laptops come packed to the gills with high-end hardware for maximum gaming pleasure. The main difference between the two is size as the M15x is slightly smaller than the M17x at 15 inches compared to the 17 inches of the latter. These measurements are not from the actual dimensions of the laptops but from their respective screens. The M15x has a 15.6 screen while the M17x has a 17 inch screen. Some people may already know this and think that the screen difference is 2 inches but the actual difference is only 1.4 inches. It is not only the physical dimension though, as the M17x is also more expensive and comes with better hardware as I would point out later on.

Customization is one of the key draws that the Alienware line has. One user’s M15x is probably not identical to another’s. With the M17x, users can choose between Intel’s i7 and i5 processors for maximum processing power. With the M15x, you also have the same options but expanded to the weaker i3 processor. The same can also be said with the graphics card as the M17x has high-end options with 1GB of memory but while the M15x also allows for similar options, it also adds a 512MB GeForce card, which is slower and cheaper than the other two.

The two laptops not only differ in terms of specs and size, they also differ in terms of weight. The M17x is heavier than the M15x at the barest configuration. Meaning that before you add any option or replace any part, you are already lugging more weight with the M17x than the M15x. The former weights 11.68lbs while the latter is only 9lbs. That’s a difference of over 2 lbs or a kilogram.

So when choosing one over the other, you should consider whether you would be lugging it around all the time or not. It is nice to have the best specs but you must also consider the price and how much gaming do you actually do.


  1. The M15x is a 15 inch laptop while the M17x is a 17 inch laptop
  2. You can opt for an i3 with the M15x but not on the M17x
  3. The M15x provides more lower-end graphics options than the M17x
  4. The M15x is lighter than the M17x

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