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Difference Between Alienware and Dell XPS

Alienware vs Dell XPS

When it comes to gaming computers, there is probably no name more popular than Alienware. Alienware is the name of the company that produces computers that are geared towards high performance gaming. No expense is spared and all the components in an Alienware rig are the best and most expensive. On the other hand, the XPS line from Dell also features high performance rigs, which was later revamped to focus more on gaming as competitors emerged.

The most distinctive feature of Alienware computers is the alien logo and its sci-fi styling that is supposed to be influenced by the founder’s fondness of sci-fi TV shows like the X-files. The green alien head makes Alienware computers recognizable even from a distance. Dell XPS computers lack any sort of markings that make them stand out. Another thing that XPS lacks is the performance custom cases of the Alienware desktop computers. These cases have multiple intake and exhaust fans to cool down the components even under heavy load. For those who push their machines to the limit, water cooling is the only way to go, and you can get that with Alienware. Even little things like cable management are provided for in these cases.

With the acquisition of Alienware by Dell in 2006, the XPS and Alienware lines have come under one roof and are ultimately redundant. Dell continued both lines for some time but later decided to continue Alienware as the performance gaming rig and scaled down production and marketing of their XPS line. The XPS is no longer marketed as a gaming rig even though it retains its high performance specs. Instead, it is now marketed as a high performance machine that is suited for a more professional audience to handle heavy loads like video production, 3D modeling, and the like.

Alienware is a producer of high performance gaming computers while the XPS was Dell’s line of gaming computers
Alienware carries the distinctive alien logo and styling that you would not find in XPS
Alienware has custom performance cases while XPS does not
Alienware has replaced XPS as Dell’s premier gaming lineup

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  1. i saw that alienware is good for gaming, but does it last long? Because i dont want to buy a pc at 2000$ for only 2 years. And i want to know if an Alienware Laptop is good for gaming. Because it’s expensive and i dont want it to be laggy and crappy after 2 years. thx for response! PS: if other laptop are better and cost less, please give me a link !

    PPS: Yes i want a laptop, because i want to carry it everywhere. i Had already a desktop. i want a laptop that will last at least 4 – 5 years.

    thanks again!

    • You have to look at the games you play now, what are the requirement’s of the game now,what was the requirement’s two year’s previously, take into account evolution then come with the formula from past to present to future add in evolution this is the software formula.The determination on the hardware in two year’s from now depend’s on you and how far ahead would you like to be.Why two year’s think 20 year’s ago and 20 year’s forward.How far ahead of the developer’s do you want to be?I am not much of a gamer nor am I a big computer guy.I do think alienware is good.

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