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Difference between Apple iBook and PowerBook

Apple iBook vs PowerBook

Apple has been a force to reckon with when it comes to the production of industry leading innovation. This has made the company earn its rightful place among the most profitable businesses the world over, as the world reciprocates in kind with buying their products. In this review, we look at how the PowerBook compares to the iBook, which seems to be the most recent addition that Apple has on their line. One thing that must be mentioned is that both these computers are quite superb machines and it ultimately boils down to the work that the machine is expected to handle.

At face value, the PowerBook’s performance is incomparable to the iBook. This is a very fast machine that can support very complex graphics as its build is to be a robust machine. The PowerBook can handle video editing and very sophisticated applications, which in their own measure require a lot of system resources.

With the numerous features that the PowerBook handles, the effect on the cost is also to be expected. The PowerBook is very expensive and is thus not recommended if you do not anticipate to use it for video editing and system intensive resources.
The iBook is recommended for a person needing moderate work which is not intensive on the system resources. As such, this becomes an amazing resource for students. Also, the cost is lower when compared with that of the PowerBook.

The PowerBook also comes with a PCMCIA slot that is absent in the iBook. This slot is said to work within the 100-500MHz range. Another thing that the PowerBook has is a faster video chipset when compared to the iBook, as it is expected that the user of the PowerBook will need more system resources. Memory in the PowerBook is also higher, as is the hard drive. A unique thing that is in the PowerBook is the Fireware 800.

The inclusion of the PCMCIA cards is not of any significance unless you need to use the PowerBook with a very high specification camera. The PowerBook is also an excellent alternative if you expect to be gaming quite often. If more hard drive space is required, it is good to note that the PowerBook allows for the upgrade of these, something that is not possible in the iBook.

It can therefore be said that the iBook is for the person who just requires limited functionality of a device and is not heavy or requires some heavy devices. On the contrast, the use of the PowerBook is specially developed for professionals that need heavy use of resources and who would be using the system to create high-end games, video and other intense programs.

One big fail for the PowerBook can be said to bed the lack of an internal modem. As it is expected that the use of the PowerBook will be on professionals, it was expected that a modem would have been a necessary feature that would have been included in the machine. You can choose both models, as they come in a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 14-inch to 17-inch screens.


Apple is the maker of both the iBook and the PowerBook.
The PowerBook is a professional machine, built with specifications which are quite high.
The iBook has relatively standard resources and is built specifically for regular use such as for a student or an office worker.
The PowerBook has a PCMCIA card that is absent in the iBook.
The RAM and hard drives are also larger in the PowerBook.
The PowerBook has a faster chipset to support high-end processes.

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