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Difference Between Google Nexus S and Apple iPhone

Google Nexus S vs Apple iPhone

The Nexus S is the successor to the Nexus One and Google’s latest handset running the Android OS. So, let’s compare it to the most popular smartphone nowadays; the iPhone. As already stated above, the Nexus S runs on Android, Gingerbread to be exact, which is the newest version of Android and is faster and more refined than older versions. On the other hand, the iPhone has iOS. The iOS has the advantage of refinement and lots of applications while Android enjoys true multitasking and the most rapid development cycle for operating systems.

There are also a lot of differences between the two phones in terms of hardware. To start with, the Nexus S has a more powerful Hummingbird processor than the iPhone. Although the A4 processor is identical to that of the iPad, the iPhone’s is reportedly underclocked to improve battery life while sacrificing a bit of processing power. It is possible to have more memory with the iPhone though as it comes in 16GB and 32GB versions while the Nexus S only comes in a 16GB model. Both phones don’t have memory card slots so expansion is not an option.

The screen of the Nexus S is probably its biggest discriminating feature. Not just because it has a bigger 4 inch screen compared to the iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen, or that it’s an AMOLED display rather than an LCD, but because it is slightly curved along with its body. The curve is supposed to add ergonomics to the Nexus S and make it fit better in your hand and on your face when you are making calls.

The Nexus S also has a feature that is not present in the iPhone called NFC or Near Field Communication. It’s a new feature that is yet to become standard in smartphones, which allows the Nexus S to automatically exchange data with devices that are very close (10 centimeters). This technology can be used to emulate contactless cards for payments, subway ticketing, and may more.


  1. The Nexus S uses Google’s latest Android operating system while the iPhone uses iOS
  2. The Nexus S has a more powerful processor than the iPhone
  3. You can have more memory with the iPhone than with the Nexus S
  4. The Nexus S has a bigger and better screen than the iPhone
  5. The Nexus S has a curved screen and body while the iPhone is flat
  6. The Nexus S is equipped with NFC while the iPhone is not

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