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Difference Between Blackberry Bold and iPhone

iphone_3gsBlackberry Bold vs iPhone

The Blackberry Bold is one of the more prominent smart phone offerings from Research In Motion or RIM. It is quite famous for its quick and easy messaging capabilities and the Blackberry email service. The iPhone is the groundbreaking mobile phone that was introduced by Apple and has been the market leader ever since due to its elegant design and innovative new features.

Looking at both side by side, you can easily spot the most major distinguishing factor between them. The Blackberry Bold is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard that occupies the lower half of the device while the iPhone has the single home key and the rest of the area is covered by the screen. Understandably, the screen of the iPhone is much larger at 3.5 inches compared to the 2.8 inch screen of the Blackberry Bold. The screen of the iPhone is touch capable and serves as a means for accessing the menu. This is much easier to use compared to the trackball/track pad that you get on the Blackberry Bold. An on-screen keyboard would also automatically appear whenever input is required. Although on-screen keyboard can be large, it is nowhere near as easy or natural to use as the hardware keyboard of the Blackberry Bold and users can’t type as fast.

All Blackberry devices are capable of utilizing the corporate email service that is being offered by RIM for a fee. This is a tried and tested service and is the primary reason that people get a Blackberry. The iPhone provides means to access email including the common POP and IMAP protocols. The absence of a unified email handling service and the difficulty of using the on-screen keyboard deters most of the business consumers from seriously considering an iPhone. The Blackberry is still the preferred device for these people. But for the greater portion of the population, the iPhone is a stylish phone that performs flawlessly in almost all aspects.


1. The Blackberry Bold is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard while iPhone has no hardware keyboard of any sort.

2. The screen of the iPhone is much bigger than that of the Blackberry Bold.

3. The primary interface of the iPhone is the touch screen display while that of the Blackberry bold is the trackball or touch pad.

4. The iPhone is not able to use the corporate email service that Blackberry is so famous for.

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  1. even though the Iphone does not have bbm it can give you the same types of messaging apps like Whatsapp and Nimbuzz

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