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QWERTY is a very popular keyboard layout and most people in the world uses this format and are quite familiar with it. It got its name from the first six letters on the top left. It was created way back in the 1860s as a layout for typewriters. The Dvorak layout was created in 1936 by August Dvorak to address some of the issues with QWERTY that he felt needed to be changed. There is really no difference between a QWERTY keyboard and a Dvorak keyboard except for the arrangement of the letters.

When the QWERTY layout was created, the creator had efficiency and comfort at the back of the list. August Dvorak aimed to solved that by studying the placement of the letters and creating an arrangement that suites most people and reduces fatigue that is very common when using QWERTY keyboards. He looked into which letters are commonly pressed and placed them in the center while placing the less used keys at the bottom where it is harder to reach.

QWERTY has changed very little over the years and people has become very familiar with it. In almost all keyboards that uses the QWERTY format, you would find the same letters in the same position. The Dvorak layout comes in a variety of layouts to fit the people who use them perfectly. There is a layout for right-handed people where a great majority of the keys we press often are placed on the right, another layout for left-handed people, and even a layout for people who use both hands.

The Dvorak layout failed to replace QWERTY in typewriters and later on, in computer keyboards. Today, it would be hard to find a keyboard that uses the Dvorak layout. But you can still use this layout by changing the letter arrangements in a QWERTY keyboard via software. Most operating systems allow you to do this without needing to install additional software.

1.QWERTY is the layout that almost the whole world uses while most people have not even heard of Dvorak
2.QWERTY and Dvorak only differs in the arrangement of the letters
3.QWERTY is the older keyboard layout compared to DVORAK
4.Dvorak was designed with the ergonomics in mind while QWERTY was not
5.QWERTY is now standardized all over the world while Dvorak comes in a variety of layouts for different people
6.Although acquiring a Dvorak keyboard is not as easy as getting a QWERTY keyboard, most operating systems allow you to modify standard keyboards

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  1. Another layout to consider is the Workman Layout. It’s very new but it’s better than QWERTY and Dvorak.


  2. like really

  3. Anyway, as the older invention(QWERTY) is more popular because of its layout system, we. have been using it. But we shouldn’t neglect the hard and repeated works of DVORAK even it couldn’t make their users popular to it.
    Thanks !


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